WOD – 01.10.2013

1/3 of the way done with my Whole 30!

PVC pass throughs
3 RNFT of
10 hollow rocks
10 pushups
10 supermans
I also did squat holds, a few kips and toes 2 bar

100 push press
rest 3 min
100 toes to bar

30 squat snatch for time
2×10 OHS

I murdered the push press in the WOD. The RX was 65# and I did 70# due to have a 40# bar and knocked out all 100 in 3:28. The t2b…ugh…that took me a bit longer. I completed the t2b at 17:31, I think was the time. Which means it took me nearly 11 minutes to do 100 t2b. I will gladly report though that all 100 were t2b, no cheating.

I want my sub 10 Isabelle so I worked on a light squat snatch today and did the 30 reps in about 4:30 at 95#. I think I will try Isabelle as prescribed in the near future because I think I can beat 10 minutes at 135. I left the 95# on the bar for the OHS and just did 10 reps twice to work on form.

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