WOD – 01.14.2013

PVC pass throughs
Stretch the chest
Kip swings

5 RNFT of
Max weight bench press
Immediately after the bench do max rep pullups

100 sit ups

This WOD comes from the main site over the weekend. I still went into Crush today to workout but anytime I see a chest workout with bench press, I gotta do it. It’s the old 3 sets of 10 chest guy in me. You know, the guy who weighed closer to 300 lbs but could bench a lot? That guy that no one will ever know again.

I figure I weigh around 205. I can’t know for sure because I can’t weigh myself during the Whole 30. So I benched 205. My rounds went 10-11-10-10-laughing (probably would have been 11!). I had a guy spotting me on the last two sets so I could go all the way to failure and he was giving me instruction on using my chest and he was essentially copping a feel…and I am immature, so I laughed. Call me childish. I have been called worse.

For the pullups I did 10-9-9-10-10. I kipped. I should play with this more. I know if I butterflied I tend to lose my timing and figure that would cost me, but possibly I could have done more even if I lost my timing. Anyway, I should go max rep pullups more often. I think I can do better.

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