WOD – 01.15.2013

PVC pass throughs
OHS squat practice with PVC
General leg stretching on floor
Hip swings against wall
Groin swings against wall

EMOTM 2 OHS for 5 minutes
Every 30 seconds 2 OHS for 5 minutes
Rest about 3 minutes
For Time:
50-40-30-20-10 reps of wall ball
15 situps after each set of wall ball

Rope climb
3 rounds max reps ring dips

For the OHS I started with 95# as we were supposed to move quickly. I bumped it to 105# after the 4th round and then bumped it again to 115# with about 4 rounds remaining in the 30 second intervals.

I completed the wall ball WOD in 11:21 and had that wonderful metallic taste in my throat when I was done. The situps were easy and I really pushed myself on the wall balls. My Karen time (150 wall balls for time) I think is about 8:30 so to add in 75 situps and completed in about 3 additional minutes isn’t too bad. At one point I thought I could finish in less then 10 minutes but the round of 30 wall balls took longer than expected.

I have never tried to climb a rope before so I messed around with one today. I can get that first rope pinch with my feet but that 2nd one is difficult. I also need to wear long socks when doing it…and gloves. BURN!

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