WOD – 01.16.2013

This is the final position in a “skin the cat”

If there was any doubt whether or not I had Tiger Blood running through my veins from doing the Whole 30 today erased any of those doubts. I felt GREAT at the gym today. Amazing. I got a good nights sleep (alarm actually had to wake me) and I felt like I could just keep going and going.

PVC pass throughs
Stretched my quads some on the ground
3 minutes of the bear complex with PVC

50 KBS 55/35
25 HR Push-ups
5 Reps EMOTM for 10 Minutes of front squats 135/95

Skin the cats

My grip was weak for the KBs but I did the first 50 unbroken. I had to break up the 2nd set into 3 groups and the final set my grip was shot and I could only do 10-12 at a time. I really felt my grip yesterday morning after working on the rope climbs. Amazing what hand release pushups can do, they really add to the difficulty.

For the front squat I felt great, this is where the Tiger Blood kicked in. I started off doing the prescribed 135 but after 5 rounds I bumped it to 145 and then to 155 for the final round. I wish I would have started off at a heavier weight. It felt good.

I have never done skin the cats before so we had a bit of play time after the workout and after stretching. I was easily able to get into an upside down hang position (surprised myself) but to get my feet over into the skin the cat position was scary. I know I can do it but I was afraid how it would feel on my shoulders. I want to get back on the rings right now and keep playing!

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