WOD – 01.17.2013

The “Chief”

After some PVC pass throughs and good mornings Marcy set up a mini circuit where there was 1 min of work followed by 30 seconds of rest. We went through the circuit 1 time and it consisted of: jump rope, situps, slam balls and a squat plate move of sorts (squat and hold a plate and move it from chest to arm length away from body while holding the squat).

The “Chief”
3 min AMRAP of
3 135# power cleans
6 pushups
9 squats
Rest for 1 min and repeat 5 times

1000m row

I was going to take today off but when I saw the Chief as the WOD I had to go. I did this workout on August 16th (are you NOT tracking your workouts?! You should!) and I wanted to see how much I improved. This workout is 5 separate rounds and each round lasts 3 minutes. Each time the round starts to begin with the 3 power cleans.

On 8/16 these were my results, by round: 2+9, 2+5, 2+3, 2+3, 2+1

That means in the first round I completed the circuit (3 power cleans, 6 pushups and 9 squats) twice and then finished the power cleans and pushups before the 3 min was up. I then rested a minute and did 2 rounds plus 3 power cleans and 2 pushups, etc, until the final round I did 2 rounds and 1 power clean. Make sense?

Here are my results from today: 5+1, 4+11, 4+2, 4+2, 4+1. Quite an improvement! I do recall doing this one at 24 Hour Fitness the first time and the 135 power clean got heavy for me, not today. I am definitely more efficient with the movement than I was back in August. Today the hardest part was the 9 squats! My legs really need a day off and the squatting got tough.

Tomorrow is most certainly a rest day.


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