A decent list of foods you should avoid from a major website? No way.

Bad bread! BAD!

Sometimes at work I check Yahoo’s front page daily to see if there are any interesting stories I can quickly read. Usually they are sports or car related. I like lists; best cities to live in is a popular one or foods you should avoid. Usually the foods you should avoid lists are totally insane and mostly common sense, but I have found one with some foods that will certainly throw some people for a loop.

There are some really stupid things listed like #5 is “anything from McDonalds”, #10 is “white chocolate”, #13 is “buttered flavored popcorn” and #15 “chain restaurant ice cream sundaes”. You mean to tell me that ice cream sundaes from a place like Perkins is bad for me?! No way!! If you are shocked by any of these four items you probably live a fairly unhealthy lifestyle.

There is one seriously disgusting item on the list: #2 Swordfish. The picture of it almost makes me want to puke, much less put that in my mouth! So gross.

That leave 10 items on this list that I think are good. These items would probably surprise quite a few people.

  • #3 non-organic strawberries: the pesticides applied to any fruit, especially fruit you do NOT peel is really bad for you. At least if a banana, for example, is sprayed you don’t eat the portion mostly affected by the pesticides. It still isn’t recommended but not as bad as eating a strawberry because the entire strawberry is consumed and so are the pesticides.
  • #4 diet soda: this one took me a long time to digest and accept. I fought tooth and nail trying to justify diet soda and its zero calories. Can’t do it anymore. The main sweetener in diet soda is being linked more and more often in cancer research studies and the fake sweetness of diet soda makes you want real sweets. The ingredients are disgusting and somehow high fructose corn syrup is used in a diet soda. Figure that one. It is becoming laughable how blatantly obvious these unhealthy food factories are becoming when it comes to studies. Coke is actually putting out ad campaigns that say diet Coke is healthy because it has zero calories (this is ridiculous!!!!). Sometimes it isn’t about the calories…
  • #6 canned tomatoes: the reason canned tomatoes are bad for you isn’t because of the tomatoes themselves but because of the can they are stored. The cans often used for canned foods is lined with BPA and BPA is linked to estrogen issues (what male wants estrogen?), heart disease, diabetes and obesity. In fact, you should check your Tupperware, too, it might be made with BPA. Check that water bottle while you are at it.
  • #7 bread: while this piece doesn’t call out gluten it actually mentions bread! What a shock. It also calls out ALL kinds of bread, white, wheat, whole grain, whatever. It talks about how the germ is reduced to nothing after all the processing and really all bread is today is a a highly refined sugar and destroys your gut. It should be on every list.
  • #8 Industrial raised hamburgers: this might seem obvious but what I love about this piece is how they talk about growth hormones, inhumane living conditions and antibiotics.  Again the piece doesn’t go into the gory details of how gluten from those grains absolutely obliterates a cows stomach so the food factories have to give the cows drugs to beef them up quickly before the corn literally kills them. It doesn’t go into detail about the cows being housed in such awful quarters that they need to be pumped full of antibiotics otherwise the heard would die. Eating grain fed farm factory cows isn’t good for anyone, anywhere.
  • #9 corn: much like strawberries listed above, corn is not good for the same reason. GMO’s and pesticides make corn almost deadly rather than good for you.
  • #11 artificial sweeteners: we really do not fully understand what these sweeteners are doing to us. Stop eating them. If you need something sweet it is far more beneficial to just eat pure sugar because at least our body can process sugar. The sweeteners are so fake and so processed our bodies cannot do anything with them. On top of that there are more and more studies linking some of these sweeteners to cancer. (see diet soda)
  • #12 sprouts: I never thought of sprouts as being bad but the rationale in this article is that they are linked to many recalls and other issues that they are just not worth the effort. They aren’t really nutritious and could potentially harm you.
  • #14 food dyes: much like the artificial sweeteners we aren’t really sure what food dyes could be doing to us. Why use them? If you need to color something is it even food to begin with? Like the article says: Red 3 and Yellow 5 and 6 may cause cancer. No thanks.

All in all this is a rally good list and I am shocked to find it on Yahoo! The list could certainly be longer but as the Internet goes you do not want your lists much longer than 10 because people lose interest.


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