WOD – 01.19.2013


All sorts of stretching
Toy soldiers, butt kicks, high knees, etc
Then “CrossFit Warmup” which is 2 RNFT of:
Pullups, pushups, squats, situps and good mornings

21-15-9 of
225 deadlift
Handstand pushups

OHS with light kettle bells (one in each hand)
4×10 backs quat with 135# taken from the ground
Played with stones
2×10 false grip ring rows

I have avoided doing “Diane” for a long time because 225# deadlift was really heavy for me or even heavier than my 1RM. Mix in handstand pushups and it was two movements I didn’t have so I never did it. Today I did it in 9:37 although I did use an abmat on my HSPU to limit the range of motion. Still pretty happy with that. This past summer there is no way I could have done 45 reps of 225 deadlift.

Progress is really coming in chunks these days. It is pretty exciting.

I had so much energy still I did everything else on my own. Just played around.


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