WOD – 01.21.2013

I finally got my sub 10 minute “Isabelle”!

A circuit of 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off of pushups, straight leg deadlifts, light single handed overhead press, wall balls and pullups.

20 minutes of:
20 double unders
1 snatch and increase the snatch by 10 lbs every minute


The WOD was impossible (for me), so I basically gave up. For a guy who has serious trouble with double unders to get 20 of them in, do a snatch and add weight (or rearrange plates) every minute….there just wasn’t enough time. I started super light for my snatch weight with only 65#. By the time the clock struck 5 minutes I was way out of whack because I couldn’t get the double unders completed, perform the snatch and change weights. I basically just worked on my double unders and did a snatch every few minutes or so.

The good news is that I got a new PR on my snatch! I hit 155# which is a 20# PR! After about 15 minutes of the WOD I decided to start going for a PR and stopped doing DUs. I also decided I was going to give Isabelle a try.

I have wanted a sub 10 Isabelle for a long time now. I originally set the goal at CrossFit LoDo in August or September. I could easily get sub 10 at even 115# but when I went PR at 135# I just hit a mental block. I finally decided to give it a go today and just do singles and try to take no more than a few seconds between each single.

For those that don’t know “Isabelle” is 30 snatches for time at 135#. I completed it today in 6:53!

Now if I could just get my first muscle-up I could set some new CrossFit goals.

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