WOD – 01.22.2013

Alarm woke me up and I felt sluggish…not good on a day when “Angie” is prescribed.

Jump rope
Good mornings
OHS with PVC

100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats

5×5 deficit deadlifts
2×10 push press
25 bar rolls

I have done Angie once before and that was on August 6th and with assisted pullups on one of those pullup machines at 24 Hour Fitness. It took me 26 minutes in August. Today I did Angie as prescribed in 23:21. I almost cut 3 minutes off of my time but I am not happy about it as I know I could do better. The pullups took me just over 10 minutes to complete and I gassed out much sooner on the pushups, situps and squats then I would usually expect. I knocked out 30 pushups unbroken but then struggled with the remaining 70. I have done 100 situps for time plenty of times before and today the 100 just sucked and took me longer than normal. I couldn’t keep up a good pace. Finally, the squats I had to break after only 18 to begin and I KNOW I can do more than 18 squats unbroken.

So, today I did cut nearly 3 minutes off of my previous time and did is RX’d but I know I can do better. I know I can break 20 minutes. Next time.

As crappy as I felt after Angie I still wanted to do more, some resistance training. I placed 2 25# plates on the floor and stood on those to do 5×5 deficit deadlifts with the weight being 135#, 185#, 185#, 185# and 195#.

In the middle of the deadlifts the rest of the class was playing with “bar rolls”. With a 25# plate on either side of a barbell you get on your knees, grab the bar and roll it out until you stomach and hips nearly touch the ground with your arms out in front of you like a superman hold, then roll back up. I did 25 of those.

Finally I took 135# from the ground and tried to do 2×10 of push press but it ended up being 2×9 both times. And I was spent.

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