WOD #2 – 01.22.2013

Felt so good I had to WOD again! (Angie this morning)

General stretching
Squat hold
Light power clean

Most of this is taken from Hotdogs and Cupcakes
15×2 hang power cleans at 50% 1RM every 30 seconds
8×2 box squat jumps with dumbbells
Max height box squat jump
Plank holds 1 min on, 1 min off, 1 min on
Reverse hyper

I used 95# for the hang power cleans and felt like I should put more on, but if Hotdogs and Cupcakes prescribes 50% I’ll do 50%. Maybe I need to revisit my 1RM?

For the box jumps I jumped to a 24 inch box using 30# dumbbells. That was fun. I did the set of 2 on the minute, or close to that.

To keep up the fun I then flipped the box to the 30inch side and did a few box squat jumps, no weight. Then I added a 45# plate to the box. Then another 45# plate and finally a 15# plate. Each level I did 2-3 reps at that height.

I need to do plank holds more often…

CrossFit Crush doesn’t have a reverse hyper or a GHD so I used the box on the 30inch side as a broke mans reverse hyper. I didn’t use any weight.

All in all this was a really fun 30 min’ish workout.

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