CrossFit Level 1 Certification

This weekend I am getting CrossFit Level 1 Certified. I can’t wait.

The nerves haven’t set in and maybe I am confident in my knowledge of the 9 foundational movements, but I am looking forward to a weekend with a bunch of CrossFitters and some super knowledgeable trainers.

I have heard that Fran is a definite maybe this weekend and to expect a team WOD of some sort. The more the merrier, I say! I plan on working out tomorrow and then having a rest day on Friday so I am ready for the weekend. Having just set a PR in Fran on the 7th of this month I am wondering if I can do even better this weekend. I think I can because the motivation to keep up with the other athletes at the seminar will be great. Can I get close to a 5 min Fran? That would be awesome.

Anyone have any experience with the Level 1 and want to give me some tips or pointers or what to expect for the weekend? My guess is it is about 30-40% book/lecture time and 60-70% actual movement training.


2 comments on “CrossFit Level 1 Certification

  1. […] Tomorrow is rest as I get ready for the Level 1 seminar over the weekend. […]

  2. […] January 7th I did it in 5:52. Today I did it in front of 2 guys who trained under Greg Glassman in Santa Cruz and the 2nd fittest man in the world. And I folded like a cheap card table […]

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