My “egg salad”

If you have been reading any of my Whole 30 food logs you may have realized I love to sautee veggies with some bacon grease and then mix in four eggs and call it a meal. I figured I would show you how much veggies I put into those eggs and how I prepare them. Sounds simple, right? It is. I was just super proud of tonight’s egg salad.

  • IMG_0553[1]First I cut up all of the vegetables. This was about four leaves of kale, about 1/3 of a red pepper, about a quarter of an orange pepper, half of a green pepper, maybe 1/6 of an onion, two jalapenos, maybe 10 cherry tomatoes cut into halves or thirds and about one big handful of mushrooms which were already sliced. As you can see the jalapenos are not large, but they are hot! My mother in law brought two big bags of jalapenos and about three bags of green peppers towards the end of last summer that she grew in her garden. I froze most of them and get out some of them every week or two to cut up and put in the fridge for cooking.


  • IMG_0554[1]Next we have the bacon. Not much to say here, but if I can toss in a picture of bacon I’m doing it. I let it cook about 3/4 of the way before dumping all the veggies into the pan with it.





  • IMG_0555[1]As usual I cut up plenty at a time for salads or eggs in the coming days. With the weekend coming these vegetables probably won’t make it to Sunday afternoon as I will probably use them all between Saturday and Sunday mornings. I keep the green peppers separate from the rest because after they are frozen they are soggy and not good on a salad. They are still great to cook with but lose their crunch. I keep the jalapenos separate because my wife cannot stand them. She thinks ketchup is hot much less jalapenos. If she wants to use the pepper/mushroom/onion veggies I mixed together she can and know they are free of any jalapenos.





  • This is what everything looks like in the pan, simmering. I let it cook like this for a good 20 minutes and stir it occasionally. I really let the veggies absorb the grease and they shrink up a bit while cooking.







  • Finally I crack four eggs on top of the bacon/veggie mixture and let them cook. I break the yolks and let it cook for a few minutes and then mix. Rinse and repeat until the eggs are not runny.







  • Here is the finished pIMG_0559[1]roduct. I had just a bit of salsa leftover that my brother in law made me for Christmas and I topped the egg salad with that. This ended up being way too much food and I was stuffed after eating all of it. I always forget how filling avocados are. Always. I figure this pretty much makes a perfect plate in terms of protein, veggies (carbs) and fat.

And, I gotta say, never have I been so frustrated with formatting with WordPress. This was a pain in the rear end to get to look as crappy as it does with the bullet points. I should have just done a gallery, so much easier.


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