Burpees for St. Jude – help!

In a little over a week I am going to do a mile worth of burpee broad jumps. Sounds like fun, right?

I am trying to raise money to donate to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and my goal of raising $1000 has stalled, significantly. I need some more donations! Right now I have about $450 pledged assuming I do 1000 burpees. (I start to sweat just typing “1000 burpees”.)

I have asked for retweets from various folks on Twitter with significantly more followers than I have. I have posted signs around work hoping for pledges. I have borderline spammed CrossFit Crush with my information. I am still well short of my goal. I am not going to go person to person and put people on the spot but I hoped that donating $20-$30 wouldn’t be a big deal and if enough people donate that amount I can give St. Jude’s a nice check.

I have a Facebook event in hopes that it would spread around the Facebook world. That hasn’t happened.

I know I need to instill trust in folks that I will in fact give the money to St. Jude’s and not pocket it and trusting some moron who writes a blog is hard to do, but for $20 isn’t that a small enough risk to give? I promise to post pictures of me giving the money to St. Jude’s! Unfortunately that is all I can do.

There is more information under “Burpees for Charity” above. Please send me an email with how much you would like to pledge per burpee. Even if it is 1 penny per burpee that is OK! I want all this impending pain to mean something.

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