WOD – 01.24.2012

Rest day is sorely needed. 6 days in a row of working out, including one of those was a 2-a-day…need a rest.

A fun round the circle warmup where each person picks something to do for warmup and then we did 15 reps of that movement
Good mornings
Squat, hold and then press PVC overhead
Burpees (my pick, I love’em…)
Toes 2 bar

20 min AMRAP of
9 Deadlift
12 hand release pushups
15 box jumps

All sorts of ab work with a slamball: Russian twists, situps, leg extensions…painful stuff
At the end I did 4×5 of false grip ring rows

20 minute AMRAPs are the devil. The prescribed weight for the DL was 225 and it just felt really, really heavy today. My body definitely needs a rest day. I couldn’t even do the first set of 9 unbroken. The pushups were essentially a rest for me because box jumps suck the life out of me and the DL was heavy. I sucked it through 6 full rounds and was 3 box jumps short of finishing my 7th round.

Tomorrow is rest as I get ready for the Level 1 seminar over the weekend.

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