WOD – 01.26.2013


21-15-9 of thrusters and pullups.

On January 7th I did it in 5:52. Today I did it in front of 2 guys who trained under Greg Glassman in Santa Cruz and the 2nd fittest man in the world. And I folded like a cheap card table chair.

Today, not so much. I think the late in the day WOD, lack of hydration (my throat was BURNING after Fran today, must more than normal after a 10 min workout) and the over-worrying about my form killed my time. I was so concerned with be “no-repped” that I thought about my form too much and didn’t just kill it.

It took me 9:24 to complete Fran today. UGH! AWFUL! PISSED! I was no-repped on about 6 pullups. Matt Chan was there and I crumbled under the pressure as one time he was watching me do a thruster and I almost fell over because I was thinking about form so much. Fell over backwards…who the hell falls over backwards with weight racked in the front?!?!

It was brutal and I better do better tomorrow.

One comment on “WOD – 01.26.2013

  1. […] That was also the bad thing as we did “Fran” the first day. And I sucked. […]

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