Whole 30, round 2, comes to an end

Oh, Dry Dock, how I have missed thee.

Today is the last day of my second Whole 30. It was much easier the second time around. And I hope it is so easy that I continue to stick pretty darn close to it for the rest of my life.

…That’s a big statement. Who knows what new science or whatever will be released in 10 years? Can we even remember a time without cellphones? And those have only been around for about 15-20 years (available to the majority of the public, not just the super rich with those old brick phones). Think how much technology has advanced in the last 20 years. How much more will we know about our bodies in the next 20?

No matter, I feel great. No reason to go back feeling like I am dragging something around with me in my gut. No reason to go back to awful performance at CrossFit everyday. So, for now and the foreseeable future, I will stick darn close to the Whole 30.

This time was easier for me than the last time. Probably because I ended my first Whole 30 in the middle of November and never got myself re-addicted to soda or anything other bad habit that I had to break this time around. After the holidays I did get a little to used to having a cookie, or two, daily, but that was a pretty easy addiction to kick.

Something wasn’t quite right this Whole 30, and it is probably something I did wrong, but I was hungry almost every day right around 3pm. Maybe I didn’t eat enough for lunch? Not enough fat or protein? I don’t know, but pretty much everyday I had to snack when I got home from work. That and I didn’t sleep well. I woke up two or three times a night. I didn’t stay awake, I would fall right back asleep, but it wasn’t uninterrupted sleep. I tell myself it is because on the nights I wake up I usually wake up thinking about CrossFit. A new addiction? I think so.

I did do a pretty good job not eating after 7pm and I think that I ate before I went to bed about 3-4 times during the Whole 30. This is where the nuts turned into a bad thing, I think, for me on this Whole 30. I ate too many of them and a handful of them before bed a few times was just too easy.

And speaking of too easy, if you looked at any of my food logs (week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 and week 5) it is readily apparent that instead of cookies for desert or whatever I at applesauce with cinnamon. Towards the end I really started to eat a very small amount of applesauce, but it was still applesauce and a sweet taste after my meal. The good folks at the Whole 9 posted a link to a blog a week or so ago and the blog talked about “Whole 30 deserts” and that is when I realized that what I was doing was probably not Whole 30 approved. Something to work on for my next Whole 30.

Yes, there will definitely be more. I am sure I will slowly slip into eating “Paleo” in the near future and start to include a bit too many coconut crystals or some other “Paleo” sugar substitute and will need to get back on track and doing a Whole 30 will help me with that. Maybe I will do Whole 14’s or Whole 20’s or some variation in the near future? Who knows?

The one slip I know I will have will be beer. I feel really confident that I can avoid grains, dairy and legumes and that is huge for me. I used to eat a lot of cereal and I never thought I would be able to kick that habit but I haven’t had a bowl of cereal since October when I started my first Whole 30. I am not a sucker who thinks Honey Nut Cheerios are good for me anymore. But beer, oh man, I love beer. I suppose I could break that habit if I wanted, but that is just it, I don’t want to.

As stated in It Starts with Food Melissa and Dallas realize you can’t eat like this all the time but to make sure the exceptions have meaning or for something you truly love. I love beer. I love the different varieties. I love the events. I love the good times that comes with beer. And my family loves beer. I will drink beer. I’m not going to have beer daily, and maybe not even weekly, but I will not avoid beer or deprive myself of a good beer when it is available. I think I will try not to buy beer and keep it in the refrigerator at home, but if I am eating out and they have a beer that tickles my fancy, I’m drinking it.

Unfortunately beer is probably one of the worst things I can digest if I am trying to keep healthy and perform well in athletics or CrossFit, but I just don’t care. I want it!

I won’t have a beer tomorrow or Friday, but Saturday after I do the burpee mile I will. I will have more than one. Probably three or four. But then on Sunday I go right back into eating well.

It feels good completing a Whole 30. I almost feel like I should go have some frozen yogurt as soon as the nearest fro-yo place opens tomorrow, but I won’t. I won’t go to Subway and eat a sub or anything like that. I enjoy the food I am eating. It tastes great. I enjoy making it (as strange as that sounds). I enjoy not needing to go out to get something good to eat – I can make something better at home that tastes just as good.

I have recommended the Whole 30 many times over since early October. As of yet I don’t know of anyone who has taken me up on the challenge….which is really unfortunate. But I continue to preach and will continue to do so.

This was sort of a ramble of sorts. I usually try to keep a thought moving through my blog pieces but this is simply a journal entry. My thoughts dumped onto  the intrawebs. I think it is a good idea. Next time I do a Whole 30 I can read this and remind myself to lay off the almonds and walnuts and to skip the post dinner applesauce with cinnamon. Next time my Whole 30 will be even better.

3 comments on “Whole 30, round 2, comes to an end

  1. Holly says:

    Great post, and congrats! I also love beer. And vodka. Keep up the good work!

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