The Outlaw Way…funny

Rudy Nielsen ready to squat pause 300#

I would love to follow the Outlaw programming for a few months and see the results. The results that individuals see from following this programming is usually pretty astonishing. The gains people make in their max lifts is incredible. Rudy and the guys at Outlaw have programming nailed.

I can’t follow it because you need a well stocked CrossFit box or some location with lifting blocks, reverse hyper machines, GHD’s, t bars, etc. Even many of the 24 Hour Fitness locations I visit do not have all of this stuff (especially the boxes for oly lifts).

If you live near or don’t mind driving, CrossFit Unbroken in Englewood follows the Outlaw Way. Matt Hathcock is a real threat to unseat Pat Burke, Chris Spealler or Matt Chan in the Southwest Regional this year in the CrossFit games and he owns CrossFit Unbroken. This year Hathcock abandoned programming for himself (and his box) and is following the Outlaw Way. Will be interesting to see if he can break up the aforementioned trio and make the Games this year.

But what I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention is the funny-as-hell “FAQs for Dumbass Noobs” on the Outlaw website. Just another thing to love about the CrossFit community, if you ask me; a website that helps people in so many ways also has a great sense of humor.

Now if I can just convince my box to get a reverse hyper…I am getting sick of making good with a 30 inch box.

Unhealthy snacks and olive oil is good for you

We go through a lot of this stuff at my house

In my usual perusing of the Internet today I found two somewhat interesting articles. Or, more accurately, two articles that I can poke fun at.

The first one comes from Yahoo and is titled “Are Those “Healthy” Snacks Actually Bad for You?” Probably.  If it comes in a bag and has commercials on TV, ya, it’s probably bad for you. The articles actually is correct on what to eat and what not to eat, but for the wrong reason. For the Kale chips it does mention that there are more additives than needed and suggests you make your own: great advice, but for the rice crackers it says they are all carb with little fiber and that is their rationale for not eating it. How about that it is probably highly processed and has very little nutritional value? Then they suggest multi-grain crackers – BZZZZ. Wrong answer. Multi-grain crackers are nothing more than highly refined sugars disguised as a healthy snack. Continue reading

The barball doesn’t hardly move

Watch these pulls from the side and really watch the weights/barbell…it hardly moves when the athlete gets under the bar. Also watch how straight the bar moves up. There is a little bump to the front as the hips, knees and ankles fully open, but basically the bar stays in a perfect straight line. Keep these thoughts in mind the next time you do any snatch work. You need to move fast and get under the bar, quickly.

Science behind addicting junk food

Much like research slowly grew and grew to help inform the public how bad smoking is for humans in the ’70’s, ’80’s and ’90’s, the same is being done for junk food. More states are looking into forcing manufacturers to label their food if it contains GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). Here is the Senator from Vermont making a plea for a new bill to fight GMOs and Monstanto. The idea of labeling food that contains GMOs has been growing in Colorado for a while. California tried to make it law last November, but was denied.

The manufacturers of crackers, chips, bread and many, many snacky foods do so to get your ADDICTED! They want to stuff their pockets and the best way for that to happen is if you stuff your face. With junk. Sugar bombs full of crap that may or may not cause cancer (more and more evidence is being gathered that the stuff in diet soda causes cancer).

Check out this piece on Not only are they knowingly producing very unhealthy food, but they are making it so humans want more of it. So humans get addicted. And they even target those who have little means to provide for their family. In many cases the government is subsidizing these major crap-food manufacturers. Rather than pushing Obamacare the government should stop subsidizing corn production and corn based products. Make it cheaper and easier for families to eat healthy, whole foods. Every time I go to the Sam’s Club near my work (in a lower income part of town) I am amazed at the carts PACKED with junk, but when I read this in the Yahoo article linked, it makes sense:

Coca-Cola, under fire from anti-obesity campaigns and other health initiatives in the late ’90s, began aggressively marketing its sugary drink to poor, vulnerable areas, Moss writes, “like New Orleans — where people were drinking twice as much Coke as the national average — or Rome, Ga., where the per capita intake was nearly three Cokes a day.”

Do you think Coca-Cola is the only company that produces sugary junk food to do this? You’re being naive, if you do.

Put down your snacks, back away slowly, they might kill you.