The day before the Burpee Mile

Just over 2 hours and just under 800 burpees for this individual to complete the burpee mile.

This has been a good month for me and my health. It started off with me joining in on the largest Whole 30 ever, continued with me learning more about functional fitness and ends this weekend with me doing a mile of burpees and burpees have been deemed the one exercise you should do to get in shape (link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4 and I could go on and on).

This wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution, those are stupid. What makes January 1st such a good day to change your life? Why not do it on your birthday? Why not do something during lent? Lent would be much better because you have a start and end date and if you want to kick a habit (hello diet soda?) then using lent to break that habit is a better idea then January 1st. And, really, if you are motivated do anything then start it NOW! Don’t wait until next January, your birthday, the first of the next month or the upcoming Monday – start NOW!

No, this month has just been a normal month for myself anymore. Some months might involve multiple 5k runs, maybe a stair climb or simply watching what I eat and getting a workout of some sort five or six days a week. This month just happened to have a couple big initiatives all in the same month.

And I was equally excited for them all. Including the burpee mile tomorrow.

I admit it, I love burpees. As I mentioned in my initial blog entry announcing I was doing the burpee mile, I like them all. I like long challenging workouts. I feel really good when I finish them. Really good. I would like to do a triathlon this summer for that same reason. The sense of accomplishment when finished. It wasn’t that long ago that I couldn’t run more than one time around a track and now I am going to go around the track four times by doing burpee broad jumps. Now I run a 5k on the weekends and I consider it a rest day. An active rest day but a rest day none the less

I must admit, however; that I am a little nervous. It sounds easy enough, right? Just do burpess around the track. No time limit, take as long as needed. That is sort of how I felt when I did “Clovis”. You know, a 10 mile run and 150 burpee pullups? I thought I could take my time, get it done and feel great afterwards. That wasn’t the case as I finished my 10th mile and was seriously cramped for a good 30 minutes post workout. It was temporary pain, weakness leaving the body, fat melting away, me getting stronger: pain is good.

There is a tremendous amount of curiosity going into tomorrow. How long will it take? Less than 90 minutes I am hoping. How many burpees will I perform? I have continued to state that I might do 1,000 and that makes the math easy for the folks that are donating, but I hope to do about 200 burpees per lap, on average and thus perform 800 burpees. I am guessing folks will happily round up when they write their check to help St. Jude Hospital for Cancer Research. I know if I finish the mile in 845 burpees, lets say, I will go ahead and do another 55 to make it a round number. What if I cramp up? I am taking a few bottles of water and two bananas with me. I think that is what got to me when I did “Clovis” – I didn’t stay properly hydrated. This time I won’t let that happen.

Then there is the reward: beer. I am going to use the burpee mile to help convince myself that three or four beers at Dry Dock afterwards is not a bad thing as I will have earned them. Sort of the same thing I did with “Clovis” as I went drinking that day after the workout.

It should also be fun, as deranged as that might sound. My dad will be there for sure to watch and I think my kids will be there for a bit. Maybe some other folks will come down to watch and hopefully a few of them get inspired enough to perform a few burpees themselves.

As I write this I am about 28 hours from starting the mile and I am excited, nervous and anxious at the same time. The rest of today I will do my best to keep my mind off of it and then hopefully get some really good sleep tonight.

And, yes, there is still time to donate! Please do so! I am about $300 from my goal. Leave a comment or send an email (info can be found here) and let me know how much, every little bit will help.

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