Burpee mile recap

The perfect shirt for AFTER the burpee mile

The perfect shirt for AFTER the burpee mile

It is done. I did it. I did a mile worth of burpees. The time wasn’t what I hoped for going in – I wanted to complete the mile in 90 minutes or less – but I think my mind was WAY off in what to expect. In the end I am happy with my time: 1:52. I did complete the mile in just under two hours and from what I have read on the internet that is fairly decent.

What I am proud of is that I did the entire mile in only 571 burpees. Only. I have seen one burpee mile that a guy did in 860 burpees and another that took 777 burpees. Apparently my broad jump was either much longer than those two or my broad jump stayed more consistent than those two. And it was the broad jump that sucked the most.

I started off by jumping as far as I could on the broad jump, then quickly realized that the broad jump was the most difficult part. Then I tried shorter bunny hops. Then I tried launching off of my right leg, then my left. In the end I realized the most efficient movement was to jump immediately out of the squat as I came up from the ground. I was already in a low squat and my momentum from kicking my feet up to my hands had my body heading forward, so I just jumped from there.

I always tried to rest after hitting the deck and maybe I should have rested before hitting the deck so I could use the energy described above. Not sure why that is JUST NOW occurring to me. I could only do three-six burpees in a row almost from the start before needing to take a quick breather and that first jump after a quick rest was always the shortest. I should have dropped to the ground after each rest to use that momentum.

After I finished and my dad tallied the time and number of burpees I figured I couldn’t stop on an odd number like five-seven-one, so I did 29 extra burpees. No broad jumps, just regular old burpees. I finished the day completing 600 burpees. I figure this will make the math a bit easier, too, when it comes to the donations for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

The day was nice. No snow, not too cold (for those of us doing burpees), but the wind got a bit brutal from time to time. After coming around the first turn on the track I would hit the wind and the back straightaway was right into the teeth of the wind. My guess is that the wind was gusting to 15-20 mph. I needed some sort of sail or wing structure for the front straightaway…let the wind carry me a bit…

Upon completion of the burpee mile I felt pretty good. I didn’t feel like I could run a mile or anything, but I was able to walk home without any pain or any limping. The gardening gloves were a savior. I almost wore though them in the heel of the glove and even with the gloves my right hand has a blister on it. I fell twice on the second lap; once falling forward and another falling backwards. On the time I fell backwards I felt my right ankle grab a bit but it was OK and I haven’t felt any side effects since. My wrists were a bit sore but are OK now. My quads…my poor, poor quads. Yep, those are ruined. I rolled out twice yesterday and it HURT to roll on the quads. Hurt. I stretched for the entire duration of the Super Bowl halftime last night and did make it to CrossFit this morning. As I sit here I can feel my quads if I even move my legs. Those might be sore for a few more days.

All and all I feel pretty good. I didn’t think my chest was sore at all until CrossFit today that included 100 pushups (25 reps in four different variations). Now I feel my chest and shoulders.

Score sheet

Score sheet

My calves and shins bark every now and again, too. Lots of people think the pushup portion of the burpee would be the worst, and it might be for some, but for me the legs definitely took the biggest beating.

Thankfully my dad was there to count every burpee! I lost count around 10…no way my mind would have been able to keep track and count accurately for all 571 of them. For those that do CrossFit, you have surely encountered a time during a WOD in which you totally forget which round or rep you are on. My mind pretty much went blank during the actual time I was doing burpees and counting was not going to happen. My dad is sort of a stats nut, like myself (or, I guess it is more accurate to say I am a stat nut like him) and the details from the event are to the right. Broken out by 100 meter intervals.

So, how much did I raise?

  • Dawn sent me a check for $100 before I even did the burpees.
  • My parents wrote a check for $100 just to round it up.
  • Mike donated $10
  • Chad and Kris donated $27

That is $237 collected so far. For those who donated per burpee here are the totals due:

  • Andy and Bethany: 2 cents per burpee = $12
  • Andy and Keely: $30
  • Adam and Nicole: $30
  • Ryan and Jossie: $12
  • Mathew and Lyndsay: $30
  • Daniel and Lesley: $12
  • Carrie: $12
  • Jessica: $18
  • John and Becky: $18
  • Georgia and Larry: $18
  • Logan and Amber: $12
  • David and Steph: $30
  • Jay and Amber: $30

That totals $264. Of course, feel free to round up, folks! 😉

As of now the current total raised for St. Jude’s is $501. Not quite the $1,000 I was hoping for, but it helps, even if just a little bit. If you want to send me a check, that is OK or your can write it out to St. Jude Children’s Hospital for Cancer Research and then claim it on your taxes next year.

THANK YOU to all those who donated. It is much appreciated. I will post more when I take the money to St. Jude’s.

Now, time for some pictures and videos from Saturday.


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