Paleo Super Bowl

I know most people cheated like crazy for the Super Bowl. Eating nachos, pizza, wings, etc. Probably had some cake, ice cream, chocolate or some other tasty treat. I didn’t. Well, I cheated a little bit.

Like I said in my Whole 30 recap: I like beer. And I will cheat with beer. I was able to stay away from french fries and popcorn on Saturday night during my post burpee mile celebration. I was able to eat only half of a cupcake for my brother in law’s birthday, also on Saturday night (I had to eat half because we recreated a picture with the two of us from four years ago when I was fat…really fat). I steered the family away from pizza last week and continue to eat as close to Whole 30 as possible, with the exception of beer.

With all that being said here is what we ate for dinner during the Super Bowl on Sunday.


The wings are paleo and even Whole 30 approved. The buffalo sauce we use doesn’t have any sugar or preservatives. My wife cooks them under the broiler for a bit and as they start to crisp she pulls them out, mixes them with the buffalo sauce and then puts them back in. They are freaking tasty.

The beer of choice was a Dry Dock vanilla porter, one of my favorites from one of my favorite local breweries. My cousin bought be a bomber on Saturday night for my birthday while we were at Dry Dock celebrating. It was tasty.


In this picture everything you see is Paleo, even the ranch dressing. My wife makes her own ranch using recipes from the Whole 30 book. Dip those veggies into the ranch or guac and you are all set. I even eat my broccoli and cauliflower when I can dip them in ranch or guac.

The one item not pictured are the pork rinds. We get a huge tub of them from Sam’s Club. The Utz brand pork rinds are just pork and salt and nothing else. Take those and dip them into the guacamole or ranch and it is just as good, if not better, than using potato chips and a lot better for you.

We were going to make Paleo pizza, too, but after the wings, veggies and pork rinds we were full. No need to stuff ourselves so the pizzas will happen later this week. (Almond flour crust and no cheese.)

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