Don’t consider Lent a 46 day break from your addiction

Today is the beginning of Lent and I will spare any religious views. Many people begin today by cutting something out of their diet or their life. A small symbol in suffering to imagine the suffering Jesus went through. Again, I will spare any religious views or opinions.

Many folks will give up candy or soda. I challenge you to do more. Don’t just give up soda, give up ALL sugary drinks. Don’t just give up candy, give up ANYTHING with sugar. Want a challenge? Give up all processed grains or take it a step further and give up ALL grains.

Use Lent as a time to help you break yourself of an addiction. Don’t look at Easter as a day to finally get sugar, fake liquids or grains back into your diet, use Lent to make yourself healthier for the rest of your life.

If you follow me you know I did a Whole 30 recently, my second one, and that many of those who prescribe Paleo as a way of eating suggest a three or four week fasting of sorts. A period where you eat ZERO grains, dairy, legumes and sugar. Use those three or four weeks to break the habit, break that brain of yours from thinking you NEED sugar or that you NEED that diet soda during lunch.

I haven’t had a bowl of cereal since early October. I haven’t had a soda in 2013. I haven’t had a glass of milk since early October. I haven’t had any sort of bean since early October and have had very few peanuts since early October. I did have four soda’s around Christmas time, but have stayed away from them for nearly two weeks after my last Whole 30 was finished.

I am not saying it is easy. It isn’t even easy once you finish the Whole 30 – or the 46 days of Lent. By human nature you see a “finish line” and think once you cross that finish line you can have soda again. That isn’t the case. Once the addiction is broken why re-establish that addiction? Admit to yourself, and remember how you felt when you first kicked that addiction during Lent or a Whole 30, that you are an addict. Soda is addicting, it is like cocaine. Bread is an addiction, it is like smoking. The people that make this stuff want you to be addicted so you consume more and more of their product. They don’t want you to stop buying their product so their best bet is to hook you to it. Make you think you actually NEED a sandwich for lunch or that you HAVE to have ice cream before you go to bed. Or worse, they convince you that a bowl of Cheerios in the morning is actually good for you. Then two hours later you are starving and want more Cheerios. It’s not a coincidence, folks.

If you are Catholic or celebrate Lent by giving something up, this year make a slight change: don’t tell yourself it is only for 46 days, make it a life long change. Give up soda, FOR GOOD. Give up sugar, FOR GOOD! Your body, your sleep and your life will thank you many times over.


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