Email from a recent Paleo convert


I try to keep up with the folks I used to work with from my old job. I worked for TeleTech for nearly 10 years and was laid off over the summer as they moved my job to the Philippines. No worries for me, I started a new job the Monday following my final day at TeleTech and am getting paid more money. But I met some really good people at TeleTech and would rather not lose touch. The best way to keep up is happy hour….or at least that is one of the excuses I come up with to allow me to drink beer! I have said it before and will say it again: I love Paleo and I love beer. I make it work.

Anyway, during our last get together around Thanksgiving time myself and my old boss went on and on, to the point where I thought it was annoying to the others, about Paleo and how much we loved it and its benefits. Well, it hit home with one of the guys I used to work with. In an email today he responds with this when I ask him how eating Paleo is helping his family (they just started eating Paleo around the first of the year):

The wife and I love it we are leaning towards more veggies than meets but following the Paleo way of doing things (my dad has even converted to test out how it works for him). I’m down to high school weight with 2 more pounds to go to hit my final goal weight and wife has continued to drop to almost pre pregnancy weight of when I meet her. I have a goal set that by end of year to be off my high blood pressure meds (it’s even in Taleo) and getting rid of the gluten my back no longer hurts as I thought I was going to need surgery. I would wake up in the mornings and couldn’t even put my socks on with both hands as I couldn’t bend that far now I just wake up with no pain it’s so wild!!! My wife’s severe migraines that she has suffered from the last 20 years have almost gone away completely (had a mild stroke from one when we were dating confirmed by emergency room doc) and she can take an IB to help as it doesn’t knock her out for days on end. We are working through the snack issue with our son and I have been making him calzones for his lunch and he has really taken to apples with almond butter for his snacks. It comes down to if it’s in the house then he can eat it as its all healthy if you keep those one or 2 out things its harder to convert everyone. I also enjoy making veggie muffins or smoothies to have when we want something fast. It takes more time to do it but we have realized that its very much worth the time. We are hoping that converting our son over he won’t come home weekly with a migraine and end up in bed for 15 hours that night. We are really looking forward to this year and continuing the benefits of feeling better.

So in about two months his wife has cured her migraine issue, something I am sure she thought she would have to deal with for the rest of her life. In that same time frame his back problems are no longer and he has avoided surgery. He mentions that they lost weight and he didn’t have weight to lose, or so I thought. Maybe the definition of skinny fat? Not saying he was flabby at all, he worked out, but skinny fat in that he appeared skinny but his insides were fat. He is hoping to get off all medications (another indicator that his insides weren’t as healthy as his outsides) and they are working to get their son on Paleo (I believe he is 10). As a parent I know how difficult it is to get the kids 100% (or even 80%) Paleo.

This is amazing and such awesome news I had to share. I know stories like these are all over Robb Wolf’s and Mark Sisson’s website, but I had to put one on my own.


One comment on “Email from a recent Paleo convert

  1. bensheath says:

    Paleo is great but think of it as a guideline, some foods aren’t paleo but still good for you!

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