Today was a good day, and isn’t over yet

Yummy breakfast

Yummy breakfast

Sometimes you just know when a day is going to be a good day and today started off pretty smashing.

I woke up this morning, tired, and headed to CrossFit and today we did “Cindy”. Cindy is a 20 minute workout in which you complete as many rounds as possible of five pullups, 10 pushups and 15 squats (that equals one round). My old score is about 12 rounds and I think I did it last time in August or around the late summer.

I had just started to get pullups but was much better doing them at 24 Hour Fitness and using my biceps more than my lats (instead of hands wide apart they are close together and your hands are holding bars such that your hands are perpendicular to your body instead of on the same plane). Today I did regular pullups (butterfly for efficiency) and my goal was 20 rounds.

I started off great and got two rounds completed in the first minute and then kept up a one round per minute pace until about the 12 or 13 minute mark…then my pushups let me down. This is strange as I’m usually pretty darn strong with pushups, but yesterday’s multiple light rep press and then heavy press workout must have caused the weakness. I was able to do the pullups and squats unbroken every time but the pushups started to get broken up. At the 18 minute mark I was just starting my 18th round. I was gassed after 18 and finished round 19 with about 15 seconds left on the clock. I jumped back onto the pullup bar and got two more pullups in before time expired.

19 rounds and two pullups. Not quite my goal of 20 but I will certainly take it. I will definitely take the improvement of about seven rounds since the last time I did Cindy.

To make the morning better I had to go home to shower before work since my wife had to go get her blood drawn (usually shower at my parents as it is on the way to work), so I got to see my kids smiling faces in the morning. They are both so happy after a good nights sleep and my baby girl Maggie is just full of smiles first thing in the morning. What a treasure they are.

I figured I would also make myself a championship breakfast so I fried some plantains in coconut oil and cinnamon for some carbs. To get my protein in we had some ham, I diced that and fried it up in bacon grease with mushrooms, jalapenos and olive. Mix in three eggs and BAM! One heckuva tasty breakfast.

At work today we are getting some bids on some electrical work in our data center so the first company is taking us out to lunch today and lord knows I LOVE a free meal! They better not skimp out and take us somewhere quick, I want something good and expensive. I could go for some grilled chicken and a salad or something. You know, expensive. I’m talking $10 expensive! Wine and dine me, baby.

And tonight my wife is going to do her second CrossFit workout. This excites me because I hope she falls in love with it like I have. I think it would be a lot of fun to do as a family and if she gets hooked then we can do it together. That would be awesome. Crossing my fingers and toes for the rest of the day. Which makes it really hard to type this.

Today is going to be a great day. I can feel it.


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