The Outlaw Way…funny

Rudy Nielsen ready to squat pause 300#

I would love to follow the Outlaw programming for a few months and see the results. The results that individuals see from following this programming is usually pretty astonishing. The gains people make in their max lifts is incredible. Rudy and the guys at Outlaw have programming nailed.

I can’t follow it because you need a well stocked CrossFit box or some location with lifting blocks, reverse hyper machines, GHD’s, t bars, etc. Even many of the 24 Hour Fitness locations I visit do not have all of this stuff (especially the boxes for oly lifts).

If you live near or don’t mind driving, CrossFit Unbroken in Englewood follows the Outlaw Way. Matt Hathcock is a real threat to unseat Pat Burke, Chris Spealler or Matt Chan in the Southwest Regional this year in the CrossFit games and he owns CrossFit Unbroken. This year Hathcock abandoned programming for himself (and his box) and is following the Outlaw Way. Will be interesting to see if he can break up the aforementioned trio and make the Games this year.

But what I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention is the funny-as-hell “FAQs for Dumbass Noobs” on the Outlaw website. Just another thing to love about the CrossFit community, if you ask me; a website that helps people in so many ways also has a great sense of humor.

Now if I can just convince my box to get a reverse hyper…I am getting sick of making good with a 30 inch box.

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