The greater American population is just plain ignorant

Before people get all worked up in a tizzy here is the definition of ignorant from 1 a : destitute of knowledge or education ; also : lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified b : resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence 2 : unaware, uninformed My title says American’sContinue reading “The greater American population is just plain ignorant”

“Healthy” online courses at work

I am guessing most everyone has some programs at work where you can earn points or credits and then these credits are exchanged for some sort of benefit. At my work if I earn enough points or credits I can make an additional $400. Some of it is really silly, like I talk to aContinue reading ““Healthy” online courses at work”

Sunday afternoon cooking

If you read my blog with any regularity you know I like to use Sunday afternoon as a time to jump start my week to ensure I eat healthy. The biggest obstacle to healthy eating is not being prepared. Packing your meals for work is the ONLY way to be successful at eating clean. NoContinue reading “Sunday afternoon cooking”

Damn you double-unders! (and muscle-ups!)

Goal: 190 reps. 13.3 is a repeat workout from last year (I think that is A-OK) and last year I was essentially a newbie at CrossFit. Unfortunately I haven’t made much progress in two-thirds of the movements in this workout in the past year. In my blog linked above I said that my Karen timeContinue reading “Damn you double-unders! (and muscle-ups!)”

13.3 is what?! Shit.

I was in Boulder last night for the 13.3 release party, if you will. CrossFit Roots is awesome. Their location is sweet; nice and big, lots of space and plenty of fun looking equipment. They had free food from Moe’s BBQ and the bathrooms were tip top. The crowd was wild, the bleachers were packedContinue reading “13.3 is what?! Shit.”