My menu for the week

Spent some time cooking today preparing for the week.

  • Almond butter pancakes for breakfast tomorrow (almond butter, almond flour and eggs)
  • Some chicken breast (cut like strips) with just salt and pepper
  • I took ground beef and mixed with almond flour, 1 egg, diced jalapenos, diced onion and diced pickle and made 4 patties and grilled
  • 8 pre-made hamburger patties (the 1/4 cow we purchased in early December is finally almost gone and thankfully another 1/3 cow is due to be delivered in about 3 weeks)
  • And I made dinner: shrimp tossed in oil, salt and pepper and kombucha squash diced and prepared the same as the shrimp and both were cooked to perfection!

Along with leftovers during the week I will have more than enough food to ensure I don’t fall off the wagon during the week. This will be enough for breakfast and lunch while at work all week. I will make enough veggies every night during the week to make leftovers for work the following day.

If you want to get serious about a diet, not even a diet but just making sure you don’t get caught at work, hungry and finding yourself out at lunch eating McDonald’s, or worse, Subway, then you need to plan ahead and prepare your food ahead of time. Package your breakfast and lunch AFTER you eat dinner at night so you aren’t hungry – this will help you pack much better and not pack too much.

(and I gotta cut this short because I watching Ted and apparently Peter from Family Guy is Ted and Meg is somehow hot…this has to be funny and deserves my full attention)

…I can’t think of anything else to blog about anyway. Plan ahead: it’ll make your life much easier.


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