I thought I didn’t want handstand pushups in the Open, but it is box jumps that killed me

CrossFit 808

Apparently I think too highly of myself. Shocking, right?

When I saw 13.1 I honestly thought I could get 150 reps. I honestly thought I could make it to the 165# weight and then try for a new PR.

I only got 140 reps on my second attempt at 13.1.

When I saw 13.2 I honestly thought eight rounds should be my realistic goal. Sure, the box jumps will gas me and this will be a sprint, but we just did a 17 minute AMRAP and this was only 10 minutes.

My first go at it killed me and I only got six full rounds (and 12 reps into my seventh round). I knew I could do better and still, honestly, thought I should get eight rounds. I wasn’t so over-confident that I thought I could get 10 rounds like a lot of the elite athletes were getting (or FOURTEEN rounds like the top female got), but eight seemed reasonable. The second time doing 13.2 I even did mostly step ups instead of box jumps and still fell 20 reps short of completing eight rounds.

My quads were burning and my lungs were on fire during both of these. Apparently the lack of running over the cold months is rearing its ugly head? Speaking of over-confident; am I silly to think I will run an Easter 5k in two weeks in less than 30 minutes? My best time is 29 minutes and I really think I can do much better than that now, but with the lack of running over the past few months is that realistic? We will see.

I know I am getting more fit: today I did Isabelle after a heavy clean and jerk workout in two fewer minutes than the last time I did Isabelle (an Isabelle that wasn’t surrounded by burpees…). But maybe my cardio isn’t as good as it needs to be, or as good as it could be. I need to get out on the weekends more often during the winter and run, apparently.

At this point I am going to look at the 5k in a few weeks as a test. I am not going to run until then and see how much CrossFit does, in fact, help cardio without running for long distance.

Back to box jumps: I hate them. I might hate them more than thrusters and thrusters have long held my top spot in my list of least favorite exercises. I can’t rebound at all and my lack of ups causes me to land in a squat on the top of the box and standing up on top of the box is just more wasted energy. I saw a lot of tweets about folks whose calves were finished the day after 13.2 because they can just spring on top of a 24 inch box by just using their calves, not I. My calves haven’t hurt at all. My quads on the other hand….done.

This has me thinking; what do I WANT to see in upcoming WODs? What is my strong suit? I thought it was burpees and I still feel pretty good doing burpees as long as there aren’t 30 snatches mixed in. Being that it is the Open and the weights are light I think a press (without box jumps) or maybe overhead squat would be good for me. Pushups would definitely be welcome.

How about a task workout? A couplet of 40 OHS at 95#, 40 hand-release pushups, 30 OHS, 30 HRPU, 20 OHS, 20 HRPU, 10 OHS and 10 HRPU? I think I could murder that WOD. I don’t think I would even finish in the top 500 of the Southwest Region, but I think I would fare much better than I have in the first two WODs.

As it stands right now I am 23,755th in the world and 1,568th in the Southwest Region. There are 67,242 males who have entered scores for both of the first two WODs. So I am about top third right now. My goal was top half so I am currently meeting that goal. There are 4,208 males in the Southwest Region who have entered scores for both 13.1 and 13.2. I am outside of the top third in the Southwest Region but well within the top half.

Until next week. Taking a rest day on Tuesday this week and hope to do the 13.3 on Thursday and Saturday.

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