Cheater busted

I saw this video earlier today posted on Twitter. I watched it on my phone and it was posted from an account that is solely on Twitter to hate on CrossFit, so I didn’t pay it much mind. My first thought when I saw the video was that he wasn’t quite standing up all the way on the box, but didn’t think much more than that.

Tonight CrossFit has announced that this guy’s score on 13.2 is being wiped clean, he is being no-repped for all of 13.2. No way he can make Regionals now. On top of that his box is no longer able to validate any scores for the Open. Pretty stiff penalty and I wonder how many other boxes or individuals are doing the same thing – not quite holding the movement standards as high as they should.

If we, as a community, want to be able to keep the Open known as a fair event then we MUST have standards for the movement to make sure everyone is performing the same workout as it is designed. We know that people are hedging a bit on their standards all over the world. Hell, my skeptical ass thinks that probably 40-50% of the scores aren’t valid. It’s unfortunate.

There are plenty of guys and girls who are putting up great scores and will make Regionals based on scores that shouldn’t count. Once they get to Regionals it will be pretty apparent who those individuals are; they will be no-repped and probably not even finish a few of the WODs within the time limit set.

Quite the egg on the face. I would rather just do it right and feel good about myself then try to cheat my way to a better score.

Here is the video of the bad form. Notice how he rarely, if ever, fully extends his hips at the top of the box and often doesn’t lock out on the top of his press. Fail.


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