13.3 is what?! Shit.

The scene before 13.3 was announced

The scene before 13.3 was announced

I was in Boulder last night for the 13.3 release party, if you will. CrossFit Roots is awesome. Their location is sweet; nice and big, lots of space and plenty of fun looking equipment. They had free food from Moe’s BBQ and the bathrooms were tip top. The crowd was wild, the bleachers were packed (and swaying) and the show put on my Talayna Fortunato and Kristan Clever did not disappoint.

A bunch of my pictures from the night are below.

To make the night even better we went to Twisted Pine after for a beer. Billy’s Chilies is some spicy beer, which was perfect after hearing about the spicy 13.3 WOD.

13.3 is a repeat of 12.4 from last season. Some might view this as boring programming but it really exemplifies what CrossFit is about. For CrossFit to claim that it makes you fitter you need to be able to explicitly demonstrate that you are getting fitter. After six months of any exercise regimen, if someone was to ask you if you are fitter, how would you answer? You would probably say “yes”, but when they asked you to give them proof that you are fitter, what would you say? Well, in CrossFit you SHOULD be tracking your workouts and your benchmarks and then when someone asks you to prove it you could show them your workout log and show them how you have improved in a myriad of workouts. In my little black book I track max lifts, the girl WODs, hero WODs and other WODs I find either fun or challenging and re-do them once or twice a year to see improvement. Not only can I show my improvement in my 5k time (indoor and outdoor) but I can show how I am getting stronger by my deadlift max increase.

That is how you demonstrate fitness. Don’t come at me with a scale, I will use that scale to smack you in the face.

So, how better to track if you are getting fitter than to repeat a workout from the previous year? In about 52 weeks how much have you improved your fitness? Well, now you have the perfect chance to find out.

My dilemma? I can’t do double-unders or muscle-ups and I couldn’t do them a year ago either. I remember seeing this WOD last year and I think I just did the 150 wall balls for time (Karen) and left it at that. And that is how I will track my fitness this year, I will try to beat my most recent recorded Karen time. Karen, of course, is in my black book.

13.3 is:
12 min AMRAP of
150 wall balls
90 double-unders
30 muscle-ups

The vast majority of the world will not get through all 90 double-unders and even more will not get through all 30 muscle-ups, but there will be a select few who complete one “round” of all of that work in less than 12 minutes and head back to do more wall balls. Those people are animals. Monsters, if you will.

My first thought as Dave Castro was announcing the WOD? Shit.

My goal? Get through Karen as fast as possible and then just attempt single double-unders and get as many as possible. I am not going to waste my time trying to link them, I will just get pissed and take too many whip lashings to the legs. How many can I get in 12 minutes? I don’t know. I think my best Karen time is in the high seven minute mark or low eight. Maybe I can get Karen done in about seven minutes or at least less than seven and a half minutes and give myself four minutes to piss myself off with a jump rope. In four minutes, doing single attempts at double-unders I would hope I could get 10 or more per minute, thus putting my score at 190, at a minimum.

As it happened in 13.1 and 13.2 I tend to be a bit optimistic in my original goal. We’ll see if that trend continues today around 3:30 MT when I give 13.3 my first go.

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