Damn you double-unders! (and muscle-ups!)

Goal: 190 reps.

13.3 is a repeat workout from last year (I think that is A-OK) and last year I was essentially a newbie at CrossFit. Unfortunately I haven’t made much progress in two-thirds of the movements in this workout in the past year.

In my blog linked above I said that my Karen time was mid seven minutes or low eight minutes. I was wrong. Way wrong. My previously recorded Karen time was from July of 2012 and it was just over 12 minutes. In my first go at 13.3 on Thursday afternoon I finished my 150 wall balls in 8:17. So, that’s a positive!

Then came the double-unders and muscle-ups – ya, right, muscle-ups…

My strategy on Thursday was to just get one double-under and then stop. Not even attempt at linking multiple double-unders in a row. My thought was to not even waste time trying to link and getting frustrated and just getting as many single double-unders as I could in a row. I got 28 in what amounted to about 10 per minute. Even though my wall balls finished at 8:17 I don’t think I could catch my breath and start those double-unders until about nine minutes into the workout.

I wasn’t getting my first muscle-up during 13.3. It will have to wait for another day. Hopefully a day in the near future.

My quads were destroyed after this workout. The wall balls smoked them. My calves started to cramp on the double-unders. I was tired because my daughter woke up in the middle of the night. I know I didn’t take in enough water before the workout. Excuses, excuses. I don’t need excuses on this workout because it is my skill work that cost me a good score.

I think a Karen time of 8:17 is pretty solid, especially after I have seen some attempts from others at my box, many of which failed to get through the 150 walls balls in less than 12 minutes. If I had any ability with a jump rope I should have had somewhere in the realm of two minutes to try and get a muscle-up. I am definitely putting this workout in my black book and when I get my first muscle-up I am doing it again (I WILL have double-unders before then).

But, as with every other workout so far I did it twice.

Today, sore legs and all, I did 13.3 again. Yesterday’s WOD had three rounds for time which included nine thrusters at 135 pounds so my legs are feeling it. Lots of rolling on the roller and a warmup that was the opposite of rushed got me ready to tackle 13.3 again.

The first time I did 13.3 I tried rounds of 20 wall balls and started to fail in hitting my goal of 20 after 60 reps. Today I tried sets of 15 and kept up that pace through 75 reps, but then started to falter shortly after that. I really wanted to beat my time of 8:17 from Thursday but came in just a bit slower with a time of 8:34. But I had spent a lot of time practicing double-unders and having another coach from my box give me some tips.

I am proud to say that I linked four to five reps of double-unders three or four times and nailed 51 double-unders for a score of 201 today. As long as I improve it is worth doing these workouts twice and I am satisfied. There were even a few attempts that I think I could have kept going with the double-unders except for the fact that my shoulders were toast and I needed to stop and rest.

No muscle-ups in the second attempt, either.

Unfortunately the muscle-up is an elusive devil. On Thursday Steve did the WOD with me and he finished his double-unders with about 1:30 left on the clock and failed in getting a muscle-up three times. On Friday night Jodi absolutely murdered the wall balls in less than seven minutes and sped through the double-unders in about a minute and left herself a good three minutes to get her first muscle-up. No go. Suzi did the WOD with Jodi and was in the same boat as she left herself somewhere between one and two minutes to get a muscle-up – and she ALMOST had it. Suzi had herself nearly in the dip position but just couldn’t get her right shoulder quite over the ring into the right position to get a dip and push herself into her first muscle-up. Marcy left herself about two minutes today to get her first muscle-up and she gave it two very good efforts and also couldn’t quite get the transition. Jeff has muscle-ups and finished his double-unders with about 15 seconds remaining on the clock and quickly jumped onto the rings to get one muscle-up but just didn’t have enough juice to get it. We only had one athlete from our box get to the muscle-ups and successfully get a muscle-up and that was Mike, who is pretty damn fit. Mike got 13 muscle-ups for a score of 253.

After 300 wall balls over the past three days I don’t need to see those in a workout anytime soon.

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