The greater American population is just plain ignorant

These have protein! Buy them!

These have protein! Buy them!

Before people get all worked up in a tizzy here is the definition of ignorant from

a : destitute of knowledge or education ; also : lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified

b : resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence
: unaware, uninformed

My title says American’s are ignorant, it does not say that dumb or stupid, but that they are uninformed and, more than likely, don’t care that they are uninformed.

Now that I have that out of the way; check out this article on Yahoo! finance. If consumers see the word “protein” on a box they are more likely to buy it. How silly is this?!

A mother believes food with protein will give her child energy before soccer practice and help her lose weight by making her feel full, according to consumer research from several large food companies including Kraft, Kellogg Co. and General Mills.

How much can I hate these large companies anymore? Or how uninformed and ignorant are these mothers? If you want protein why would you eat processed grains?! Eat a piece of meat! Eat some fish, some cow, some pig, something made of protein. Don’t turn to your freaking cereal to get your protein! And that quote says that mothers believe that the protein will help her feel full….OH MY!!

Let’s take a step back…what is the goal of Kraft, Kellogg and GM? To make money. Right? You can’t hate them for that. This is a free market and you should, as a CEO or business owner, always try to make money. How can these companies make more money? By keeping you HUNGRY. The more hungry you are the more you buy. Six grams of protein in that bar loaded with over processed carbs, sugar and other non-food will only make you MORE hungry while polluting your body with junk.

And here are the ingredients from those bars. Look at all that crap!

And here are the ingredients from those bars. Look at all that crap!

Protein will make you feel full, that is true. So will fat. Fat has more calories per gram than both carbs and proteins. And, you now how I feel about food, eat whole, real foods when you can. If it has a commercial it probably isn’t food.

And we shouldn’t be targeting only “mothers” here, either. Plenty of fathers shop and probably shop a lot worse than those mothers who are at least trying to feed their kids healthy foods. Lord knows that if my dad had shopped all the years I lived with my parents my weight would have topped off at 500 pounds instead of 300+.

There is also a major warning burried in this article:

Label trends change quickly, chasing the latest health headlines. In 2010, many food shoppers were wooed by product labels claiming to be free of high fructose corn syrup, according to data from Nielsen, a market-research company. Now gluten-free, hormone-free, and genetically modified ingredient free are growing.

Double-check your food. Just because it says it is GMO or gluten free does not make it true. It also, most certainly, does not make it healthy. Just because your Cheerios say they have protein does not make them a good source of protein. And just because your apple juice says it is gluten free then, well, of COURSE it is gluten free? It should just be apples, right? But check that label because it might still be loaded with preservatives and other unnecessary ingredients.

If a label says “good source of protein,” then the FDA says the product needs to have at least 5 grams of protein per serving.

Five grams isn’t a lot. A single egg has four and a slice of bacon has three. An ounce of most meat like fish or chicken has seven. If you have three eggs you get 12 grams of protein and none of the other crap that comes with that cereal bar or whatever else supposedly is a good source of protein.

And another example of ignorance:

Shoppers often react to labels in illogical ways. When viewing foods labeled organic, consumers give those foods lots of other attributes like having fewer calories and being more nutritious

It just isn’t hard to read the ingredients on the package, it is there for a reason.

And, finally, the BS spills from GM:

In contrast to other common package food claims such as ‘good source of vitamins’ people say they can feel protein’s effects, says Jennifer Peterson, consumer insights director with General Mills. “Consumers will tell you they feel good, they feel they’ve had protein,” she says. General Mills recently introduced Nature Valley Protein bars, Fiber One Protein bars, and Lärabar Alt, a version of the Lärabar with 10 grams of protein.

I would love to see some controlled tests in which this statement was verified. I would love to see a bunch of people fed the same thing and then take a survey in regards to their “fullness”. Do that over several weeks, same time, same day same group of people, same location, etc. Then, take a part of that group, without them knowing, and give them bars WITHOUT protein. See if their answers vary. I bet they don’t and I bet GM has never actually performed this test. Well, let me take that back, they probably have and didn’t get the desired results so those tests will never be revealed to the public.

The food industry is not our friend. The FDA is not on our side. President Obama sure as hell isn’t on our side or he wouldn’t have let Monsanto off free. And screw Michell Obama and her supposed full fledged attack on childhood obesity. If she was really trying to stop childhood obesity there is no way she would have let her husband sign that bill.

The main point is; don’t believe what “food” manufactures put on their labels. If you insist on buying junk like cereal and cereal bars, read the labels. Actually, if you insist on buying those you probably don’t give a damn what I just said and will continue to fill yourself with chemicals that will slowly kill you.


2 comments on “The greater American population is just plain ignorant

  1. paleolover says:

    Totally agree with you! Slowly the information is getting out there… 🙂

  2. says:

    Um now do your research on protein buddy,

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