Sam’s Club: you can get some healthy food there

I work real close to a Sam’s Club. There are days at work when I just need to get out so I walk over to Sam’s and just walk around. It gives me a destination to walk to and from (I hate just randomly walking) and I can do some people watching. You would beContinue reading “Sam’s Club: you can get some healthy food there”

Barbells for Boobs recap

This last weekend was a busy one for me in terms of exercise. I walked seven miles while golfing and carrying my clubs on Friday (don’t mock it until you try it!), did Barbells for Boobs on Saturday and then ran 5 miles in the Cherry Creek Sneak on Sunday. Barbells for Boobs was awesomeContinue reading “Barbells for Boobs recap”

Carb load pre-race?

I am running the 5 miler at the Cherry Creek Sneak next weekend. Anyone who has ran in any race, much less the few I run every year, knows how much email spam these things generate. Yesterday I got an email from the Cherry Creek Sneak that said this: Eating to win. Let Maggiano’s LittleContinue reading “Carb load pre-race?”

When working abs it is best to sit down and bend over

I love all of the “ab” machines at the gym. Rows and rows of machines that are meant to work your core and give you that six-pack you so desire! Sitting, standing, bending, twisting and in many cases with weight and resistance added via holding onto something. Yet, everyone I see on these machines hasContinue reading “When working abs it is best to sit down and bend over”