Sam’s Club: you can get some healthy food there

I work real close to a Sam’s Club. There are days at work when I just need to get out so I walk over to Sam’s and just walk around. It gives me a destination to walk to and from (I hate just randomly walking) and I can do some people watching. You would be hard pressed to find a more diverse and interesting group of people to watch than the Sam’s Club near the Aurora Mall in Aurora, Colorado.

However, nearly every time I go I end up being critical of what these people load their carts up with. Chips, bread, candy and large quantities of “food” that is just plain awful for them. In many cases the person pushing the cart loaded with over processed “food” looks like you might suspect: extremely large. The lot of motorized carts provided for those in need of assistance in getting around such a large place like Sam’s is always exhausted – and often by people who are just plain obese and should be walking every opportunity they get. There are families in there that look like they are probably hard up for cash so they go to Sam’s and buy in bulk, but their carts are completely void of the fruit and vegetables that Sam’s does offer.

It is a store full of nutrition failure, for the most part.

I don’t eat the fruit from Sam’s as most of it is terrible, but it is definitely a better option that big bags of Cheetos and three cartons of cookies.

But, I have to admit, I do buy food from Sam’s. We definitely buy diapers, cleaning products and other non-perishable goods from Sam’s because that is really all anyone should buy from Sam’s, but I do stock up on a few things that I eat regularly and thought I would share.

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Barbells for Boobs recap

"Fran". That is Maher (white t-shirt) and Conzelman (white head band).

“Fran”. That is Maher (white t-shirt) and Conzelman (white head band).

This last weekend was a busy one for me in terms of exercise. I walked seven miles while golfing and carrying my clubs on Friday (don’t mock it until you try it!), did Barbells for Boobs on Saturday and then ran 5 miles in the Cherry Creek Sneak on Sunday. Barbells for Boobs was awesome and Front Range CrossFit did a great job of hosting!

Normally Barbells for Boobs is just one WOD, Grace or one of the girl WODs, but this past weekend there were six WODs scheduled: Elizabeth, Fran, Isabel, Grace, Diane and Karen. With my 5 mile run scheduled for the day following I was only going to do four of the six workouts – skip Diane and Karen. Each workout was scheduled two hours apart to simulate competition. Everyone had to get loose, workout, cool down, rest and then rinse and repeat for the following workouts. Continue reading

Carb load pre-race?

This doesn’t look like something that will help you run a better race, does it?

I am running the 5 miler at the Cherry Creek Sneak next weekend. Anyone who has ran in any race, much less the few I run every year, knows how much email spam these things generate. Yesterday I got an email from the Cherry Creek Sneak that said this:

Eating to win.
Let Maggiano’s Little Italy, Downtown Denver Pavilions help you get ready for the Cherry Creek Sneak. The “carb-load” pre-race dinner is a runners dream with a selection of homemade salads, our most popular pasta dishes and a “CREATE YOUR OWN PASTA BAR.” Dinner menu all inclusive of all food including tax and tip for only $24.95/person. All the tasty details are here.

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When working abs it is best to sit down and bend over

I love all of the “ab” machines at the gym. Rows and rows of machines that are meant to work your core and give you that six-pack you so desire! Sitting, standing, bending, twisting and in many cases with weight and resistance added via holding onto something. Yet, everyone I see on these machines has something more closely resembling a keg around their mid section, not a six-pack.

I see people sitting on the machine, doing nothing for a few minutes, then do a set of 10 and then sit some more. They go from machine to machine and get little to no benefit. Why not just get on the ground a do situps? Oh, ya, those are actually hard.

Don’t get me started on those crunch benches that people use for no reason other than they see others using them. Hey, I was one of the heard for many years and ballooned up to over 300 lbs and my “six-pack” was definitely a pony keg.

Exhibit A:

I was hoping to catch her sitting and doing nothing after this set, but, alas, it was her third set and there is no way in hell she would do more than three sets of 10! Notice the keg she is carrying.

Get on the floor people! I know folks might think some CrossFit boxes are filthy, but have you seen the inside of those locker rooms at 24 Hour Fitness?!!? Talk about germ infestation. Get on the floor, get dirty and just do situps. Do 100 of them. Can’t do 100? Do 50. Can’t do 50? BS. Do 50 if it takes you an hour. And then tomorrow do 51.

Stop falling for the lure of machines, they are a waste of your time and will not help your waist.

Full ROM be damned!

It has been quite a while since I went to 24 Hour Fitness for workout and humor, so I went a few days ago. Before I get to the fail videos I will say one guy was doing thrusters at 135 lbs with a band around the bar that he stood on for an extra bit of resistance and a different feel. I thought he might be doing speed deadlifts with a band but he was doing full thrusters. His squat form was really poor and he never fully locked out at the top, but still a great idea.

Without further ado, here are the fail videos showing a complete disregard for attaining full range of motion:

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