13.4 review and 13.5 prediction


Me struggling towards the end of 13.4

I never gave my review of 13.4: it sucked!

I did 13.4 two times, as I have with the previous Open workouts and both times I was sucking wind at the end. The problem with a seven minute WOD is that you feel you don’t have time to stop and rest. The problem with clean and jerk is that it works your entire body. Ever. Single. Muscle. The problem with combining clean and jerks with toes to bar is that your body in a clean and jerk is going from curled up into total body extension and in toes to bar your body is going the opposite direction.

Maybe the perfect workout?

I really thought I could get into the 80’s in this workout, but it didn’t happen. The first time I got 72 reps and really thought I was going to have my first introduction to Pukie the Clown. Thankfully I avoided meeting Pukie but it took a good five minutes of standing outside bent over a railing and breathing deeply to keep my inside…in. The second time I got 75 reps and it is the first time I have ever worked out and found myself laying on the ground…outside. I rarely fall to the ground when I am done with a WOD, a position popular among CrossFitters. I would rather stand up and slowly walk it off. After my second attempt of 13.4 I was on the ground for a good 5 minutes outside of CrossFit Crush trying to catch my breath. 15 minutes later as I was getting ready to judge the next heat? Still out of the breath. The next morning when I woke up? Still coughing.

13.4 was seven minutes of total body work and it was exhausting.

After the first four workouts I am ranked 1456 out of 6481 athletes in the Southwest Region and 21570 out of 98534 worldwide. You can probably safely take 5% off of both of those total numbers for those who haven’t completed one or more WOD.

I have taken my beating in this Open, my first, and have lost caring. I mean, I still want to do well, but the fact that I am well within my goal of finishing better than 50% of the competitors and at the same time have been extremely humbled by the WODs, I am only doing 13.5 one time. I am not nearly as geared this week for the workout and am not planning on doing it twice. Once will be enough and I will put everything I have into that one attempt.

The Open has been great. I can’t wait for next year and I might even look into doing some local competitions over the summer.

Now, what do I think 13.5 will be? After this video from Castro…???

I think Castro is being a little over dramatic. What could he POSSIBLY throw at guys like Jason Khalipa and Rich Froning that they haven’t done to themselves in their own workouts? Maybe accumulate 10 minutes of the Iron Cross in as little time as possible? And I am pretty sure it won’t be a blood bath. That wouldn’t be good for anyone.

I think they have to have pullups. We have only been hanging from the bar once during the Open and I think there has to be a second time. So pullups and what else? Thursters? Repeat the ladder from 2011 and 2012? I don’t think so. No snatches, cleans or presses.  No box jumps, deadlifts or muscle-ups. No double-unders and you can’t have running or rowing because of video submissions. What’s left? Kettlebell swings? Handstand pushups? Situps of some variation? Maybe some deranged version of “Cindy”? That’s what I am going with – a deranged version of “Cindy”.

We have seen Grace (30 clean and jerks for time) in 13.4 and we saw Isabelle (30 snatches for time) in 13.1 so my guess is we some variation of five pullups, 10 pushups and 15 squats in this workout. Maybe it will be loaded somehow. Maybe the squats will be overhead squats and the pullups will be chest to bar. But that is my guess: a pumped up “Cindy”.

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