CrossFit is expensive?

People complain about the monthly cost of CrossFit. The easy reply is that with CrossFit you get trained trainers training (I wish I could get another variation of “train” in…) you everyday. Most of the trainers can also help you with your diet, mobility and probably will become your friends. Yet, many people still think about $150 a month is too expensive. How much does a trainer cost at 24 Hour Fitness? To get a month of daily training how much would that cost? I’m not sure but I bet it is a lot more than $150.

Now I have a little evidence:

3657_506497402720433_1831891166_nFor $175 you get a eight boot camp sessions. I love the 24 Hour Fitness boot camps, at least the one on Saturday mornings at the 24 Hour in Meridian, Colorado. But eight classes at 24 Hour Fitness is better and worth more than a month of CrossFit? Hardly.

Many CrossFit boxes will have body fat testing a few times a year, too.

I can’t hate on anyone who is paying for this boot camp session or whatever because they are getting more fit and that is the ultimate goal, but people can’t tell me CrossFit is too expensive.


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