Full ROM be damned!

It has been quite a while since I went to 24 Hour Fitness for workout and humor, so I went a few days ago. Before I get to the fail videos I will say one guy was doing thrusters at 135 lbs with a band around the bar that he stood on for an extra bit of resistance and a different feel. I thought he might be doing speed deadlifts with a band but he was doing full thrusters. His squat form was really poor and he never fully locked out at the top, but still a great idea.

Without further ado, here are the fail videos showing a complete disregard for attaining full range of motion:

I like how the guy in the black is showing the guy in the white proper form: some sort of straight leg stepping form?? But there isn’t any discussion about getting that knee to the ground. Lunges are great, and a great way to smoke your legs, but get that knee to the ground for the full effect.

Wife beaters and jeans were prevalent at the gym the other day. Including one guy working his triceps and smacking his tris after each set. I almost laughed….working your triceps by doing pull downs is so 2002.

And you know you can’t go to a globogym without seeing some guy doing curls. Gotta work those guns, son! Heaven forbid you just do pullups or something and work your entire muscular system instead of trying to target your itty bitty biceps.

Oh, and forget getting a full range of motion and not using your back to help get the weight up…

Notice how he never fully extends his arm and locks his elbow before starting the next rep. Also take notice in how he sways back and forth while doing the weight.

So silly.

Hard to hate on anyone at 24 Hour Fitness fully because they are at least at the gym rather than on the couch, but for a place full of trainers there sure as hell is an overall lack of training occurring. Give me CrossFit and the constant attention from the (good) trainers to stay healthy and get fitter over bumbling around a globogym doing nothing of worth.

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