When working abs it is best to sit down and bend over

I love all of the “ab” machines at the gym. Rows and rows of machines that are meant to work your core and give you that six-pack you so desire! Sitting, standing, bending, twisting and in many cases with weight and resistance added via holding onto something. Yet, everyone I see on these machines has something more closely resembling a keg around their mid section, not a six-pack.

I see people sitting on the machine, doing nothing for a few minutes, then do a set of 10 and then sit some more. They go from machine to machine and get little to no benefit. Why not just get on the ground a do situps? Oh, ya, those are actually hard.

Don’t get me started on those crunch benches that people use for no reason other than they see others using them. Hey, I was one of the heard for many years and ballooned up to over 300 lbs and my “six-pack” was definitely a pony keg.

Exhibit A:

I was hoping to catch her sitting and doing nothing after this set, but, alas, it was her third set and there is no way in hell she would do more than three sets of 10! Notice the keg she is carrying.

Get on the floor people! I know folks might think some CrossFit boxes are filthy, but have you seen the inside of those locker rooms at 24 Hour Fitness?!!? Talk about germ infestation. Get on the floor, get dirty and just do situps. Do 100 of them. Can’t do 100? Do 50. Can’t do 50? BS. Do 50 if it takes you an hour. And then tomorrow do 51.

Stop falling for the lure of machines, they are a waste of your time and will not help your waist.

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