Sam’s Club: you can get some healthy food there

I work real close to a Sam’s Club. There are days at work when I just need to get out so I walk over to Sam’s and just walk around. It gives me a destination to walk to and from (I hate just randomly walking) and I can do some people watching. You would be hard pressed to find a more diverse and interesting group of people to watch than the Sam’s Club near the Aurora Mall in Aurora, Colorado.

However, nearly every time I go I end up being critical of what these people load their carts up with. Chips, bread, candy and large quantities of “food” that is just plain awful for them. In many cases the person pushing the cart loaded with over processed “food” looks like you might suspect: extremely large. The lot of motorized carts provided for those in need of assistance in getting around such a large place like Sam’s is always exhausted – and often by people who are just plain obese and should be walking every opportunity they get. There are families in there that look like they are probably hard up for cash so they go to Sam’s and buy in bulk, but their carts are completely void of the fruit and vegetables that Sam’s does offer.

It is a store full of nutrition failure, for the most part.

I don’t eat the fruit from Sam’s as most of it is terrible, but it is definitely a better option that big bags of Cheetos and three cartons of cookies.

But, I have to admit, I do buy food from Sam’s. We definitely buy diapers, cleaning products and other non-perishable goods from Sam’s because that is really all anyone should buy from Sam’s, but I do stock up on a few things that I eat regularly and thought I would share.

This is a picture of my cart from a few hours ago and what I purchased.


  • The mandarin oranges are just oranges and fruit juice. No syrup, sugar or any preservatives added. Just food. My kids love the little cups so I keep them around for snacks.
  • The apple sauce is usually my dessert at night after dinner. It isn’t Whole 30 simply because you aren’t supposed to substitute your ice cream dessert with a healthy dessert as the idea of a Whole 30 is to get rid of the wiring in your brain that tells you to eat dessert in the first place. But I am not on a Whole 30 so desert here I come. The apple sauce is just apples and water, that’s it. Mix in some banana and cinnamon or any fruit, really, and it is freaking great.
  • In the back is some whey protein powder. I had been using SPN sweet potato recovery for my post-CrossFit workouts but it made me too gassy. Like super gassy. Like I spent too much time in the bathroom in the mid-afternoons at work, gassy. So I am going to give this a shot. It doesn’t have any soy in it, which is something I avoid. I know Robb Wolf and the super Paleo supporters do not agree with post workout powders like this, but I need something immediately after working out as it isn’t usually possible for me to have food ready to consume within the recommended 30 minutes post-workout.
  • Two shakers for my powder. I had been using water bottles and I am sick of spilling powder trying to get it in the narrow openings of said bottles.
  • Beef jerky. I finally found some at Sam’s Club that is pretty damn close to being Whole 30. My wife and I do cheat a bit in that if something says “contains less than 2% of …” on the ingredients list we usually ignore what that is and consider it Paleo. In this case the ingredients for this jerky are “beef, water, salt and less than 2% of brown sugar, spices, monosodium glutamate, sugar, flavorings, sodium nitrate”. This is considerably better than a lot of jerky which includes sugar as it’s #2 ingredient, or worse, the “mechanically separated chicken parts” or however that is worded. It isn’t the IDEAL jerky, I get it, but it is damn close. Perfect to store at my desk at work for those mid-afternoon cravings/hungers.
  • Lastly is the YARD-O-BEEF! These are a favorite of ours and, like the jerky above, are almost perfectly Whole 30 compliant. The main ingredients are Whole 30 but the “less than 2%” isn’t as I believe it contains less than 2% of sugar. Our household can go through one of these yards-o-beef in about a week. I do like to cut these up into slices and bring a small Tupperware container of them to CrossFit with me and eat right after. It isn’t exactly the sweet potato and London broil post-workout meal Wolf always boasts, but it will do, in a broke, hurry-the-F-up way.

There you have it: a pretty darn healthy trip to Sam’s Club. Thoughts? Anything else you can buy there that is good for you and keeps close to a Paleo lifestyle?

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