Proper push press technique

During 13.4 I had a few of my athletes ask about the push press. Most of them female and most of them concerned about getting the prescribed weight from the front rack position to overhead. The push press is slightly different than most movements utilized in CrossFit in that the first move is NOT the hips and butt moving backwards, but rather your knees traveling slightly forward. You also need to sure you have the proper grip on the bar and it is definitely different than a front squat.

Let’s look at the grip, first. The main difference between a push press versus a front squat is that your elbows are lower in a push press to help facilitate pushing the bar upwards.

These first two pictures show athletes performing a front squat, bar is resting on the athletes front rack and the hand is there only for balance and no pressure should be on the hands, all the weight of the bar is on the rack. Bar is in the fingers to help keep the elbows up and high and create that front rack across the chest.

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This Bania does not care about Ovaltine

“Why do they call it Ovaltine?! The mug is round. The jar is round. They should call it Roundtine.” – Kenny Bania from Seinfeld.

“It’s gold Jerry! Gold!” – Kenny Bania from Seinfeld.

For those two quotes, from now until I die, whenever I hear or meet someone with the last name Bania this is immediately who I will think of. Kenny is the Bania from Seinfeld and Kevin is the Bania who can do this:

I’m guessing Kevin doesn’t drink Ovaltine…or roundtine….This is an “unofficial world record” for someone standing completely skill and jumping for height. It’s amazing.

13.5 is done and so am I

Thanks to CrossFit PTZone Mornington for the picture – chest to bar pullups

I did 13.5 on Saturday, and as I wrote the other day; I didn’t really care.

How much didn’t I care? I did Saturday’s prescribed WOD before 13.5 which was a partner 20 minute AMRAP with burpees, front racked lunges, situps and power snatches. I didn’t spend too much time re-warming up or getting the feeling of the 100 pound thruster. I did a few chest to bar pullups and figured that I would be lucky to get 70 reps and it would be a four minute workout. Easy.

Not so much.

I finished the 15 thrusters in about 35 seconds and linked five chest to bar pullups before coming off of the bar. I hit a few more pullups and then I started to have issues getting my chest to physically touch the bar. I had the height for most of my pullups, but didn’t get the contact needed. I am guessing I did 30-40 pullups in the remaining three plus minutes after my thrusters but I only got 14 pullups in which my chest touched the bar. Your math is correct: 29. My pathetic score on 13.5 was 29.

Oh well. The Open was fun and I came out on fire and full of determination but by this fifth week I was much more concerned with regular WODs and just working out.

On Sunday I had more fun doing “deck of cards” by myself (see my April WOD log) than I had prepping and doing 13.5. Continue reading

CrossFit is expensive?

People complain about the monthly cost of CrossFit. The easy reply is that with CrossFit you get trained trainers training (I wish I could get another variation of “train” in…) you everyday. Most of the trainers can also help you with your diet, mobility and probably will become your friends. Yet, many people still think about $150 a month is too expensive. How much does a trainer cost at 24 Hour Fitness? To get a month of daily training how much would that cost? I’m not sure but I bet it is a lot more than $150.

Now I have a little evidence:

3657_506497402720433_1831891166_nFor $175 you get a eight boot camp sessions. I love the 24 Hour Fitness boot camps, at least the one on Saturday mornings at the 24 Hour in Meridian, Colorado. But eight classes at 24 Hour Fitness is better and worth more than a month of CrossFit? Hardly.

Many CrossFit boxes will have body fat testing a few times a year, too.

I can’t hate on anyone who is paying for this boot camp session or whatever because they are getting more fit and that is the ultimate goal, but people can’t tell me CrossFit is too expensive.