My “rest day” yesterday: The Manitou Springs Incline

Yesterday was supposed to be a “rest day” for me. Sometimes a rest day consists of no physical activity at all and sometimes my rest day is something less physical than CrossFit. Yesterday was the latter.

During a holiday weekend many cheat and I am one of those people. Now, I don’t blow it out of the water but by the time today is over I will have had beer three of the four days and some cookies. I choose my cheats wisely. I don’t eat buns with my burgers or eat potato chips, but I do drink some beer and if the desserts look good, I’m all in.

I cheated a bit Friday night with beer and fried pickles. On Saturday I had beer and some wings at Hooters. On Sunday it was a few cookies at a BBQ and today it will be beer again and who knows what treats might be out and about. Oh, and on Sunday morning I made myself cinnamon raisin pancakes with banana on top and coconut syrup (actually 100% Paleo).

After that breakfast I really felt like I needed some activity, so I called my buddy and asked if he wanted to do The Incline. He said “yes” so within about 45 minutes we were on our way down to Colorado Springs (Manitou Springs to be exact) to hike The Incline.

The Incline is an old railroad incline that washed away a few years ago. It consists of a bunch of railroad ties sort of haphazardly built as steps up the side of a mountain. In one mile distance you travel 2,000 vertical feet up the mountain. It’s steep, real steep. Even the false summit is supposedly “flat” but that is relatively speaking as the incline before and after the false summit is straight up, or so it feels like. Continue reading

My kid becoming a Supple Leopard

I bought the Kelly Starrett book “Becoming a Supple Leopard” last week and LOVE IT!

After the sprint WOD we did on Tuesday my wife’s adductors have been hurting and really sore…so…I turned to my new treasure to find a good stretch to help! I got out a band, put her on the ground, had her kick her knee out, put the band under the top of her leg and as I pushed down on her knee with my foot I pulled up pretty hard on the band. She had the awesome face that Starrett looks for when doing mobility work and when we were done with two 15-20 second stretches with each leg she stood up and felt better. Not 100%, but much better. All I can ask for, right? It is a process, not magic.

My 4 year old son was watching and he told me he was sore, too. He had just got done giving mom some gymnastic lessons (I really should have gotten a video of him trying to get my wife into a bridge, it was so precious….yes….I just said precious) and now he wanted to do what mom was doing. Here is the result:

Feeling so good

Great OHS form – chest up, good midline stabilization, arms/shoulders are locked out, knees out. Nice.

Earlier this week I wrote about how crappy I felt during the workout on Monday due to what I ate over the weekend. After that feeling I knew I had to take a step back and re-evaluate my diet. Not so much because I am gaining weight (I put on five pounds about two weeks ago that just isn’t coming off), but because I hate feeling awful while working out. The first thing I had to rid myself of was soda.

During my first Whole 30 I realized how addicted I had become to soda. The first few days of the Whole 30, even after a good meal, I still felt like I needed something. I felt like something was missing and even though I knew I was full my brain was telling me I needed something more. The more I focused on these feelings the more I realized I wanted a soda really bad. After my first Whole 30 I had rid myself of my addiction to soda and didn’t have but maybe a total of four or five cans of soda between the end of my first Whole 30 and the first of the year (about 6 weeks). This was a big drop in soda consumption from before I started the Whole 30. Then I started my second Whole 30 and in the next few months only had maybe one or two cans. Continue reading

Horrible workout, the cost of poor food choices

Normally, yes, but not this weekend!

I like to think I eat pretty clean. I have to admit I have become addicted to diet soda again and plan on stopping cold turkey today. I got to get off of it. Otherwise, in terms of eating Paleo, I eat pretty clean.

I have my cheat days/meals usually on Friday or Saturday nights. And my cheat meals aren’t like eating a whole pizza and stuffing my face with ice cream and brownies, but more like I have a few beers. I rarely eat any grains or dairy anymore. … I guess I do DRINK grains, though.

But then there are days like yesterday: Mother’s Day.

The weekend started off good as I ate clean all day Friday. On Saturday I was planning on meeting my sister on Loveland to try a few breweries so I knew I was going to have beer. That’s OK, it is Saturday and that is what I do. We ate lunch at a Cajun place and I kept Paleo except for some dirty rice. Rice is one of the least offensive grains you can eat so I felt OK eating the rice. I had a po-boy but didn’t eat the bread, just the sausage. For dinner I went to Old Chicago’s as my wife and kids were still out with a friend of hers and I had a salad that was 100% Paleo – no dressing, cheese or bread. But I did have a beer with dinner, too. They had Ghost Face Killa in bottles so I had to have one. Continue reading