Horrible workout, the cost of poor food choices

Normally, yes, but not this weekend!

I like to think I eat pretty clean. I have to admit I have become addicted to diet soda again and plan on stopping cold turkey today. I got to get off of it. Otherwise, in terms of eating Paleo, I eat pretty clean.

I have my cheat days/meals usually on Friday or Saturday nights. And my cheat meals aren’t like eating a whole pizza and stuffing my face with ice cream and brownies, but more like I have a few beers. I rarely eat any grains or dairy anymore. … I guess I do DRINK grains, though.

But then there are days like yesterday: Mother’s Day.

The weekend started off good as I ate clean all day Friday. On Saturday I was planning on meeting my sister on Loveland to try a few breweries so I knew I was going to have beer. That’s OK, it is Saturday and that is what I do. We ate lunch at a Cajun place and I kept Paleo except for some dirty rice. Rice is one of the least offensive grains you can eat so I felt OK eating the rice. I had a po-boy but didn’t eat the bread, just the sausage. For dinner I went to Old Chicago’s as my wife and kids were still out with a friend of hers and I had a salad that was 100% Paleo – no dressing, cheese or bread. But I did have a beer with dinner, too. They had Ghost Face Killa in bottles so I had to have one.

Then came Sunday. It started off great with eggs and veggies for breakfast, but then I went to my parents house…after a seven mile walk with my mom I had two cookies and a bunch of fruit. Then came some peanuts to help tide me over until dinner. Dinner was perfect: salad with two hamburger patties, sort of, because then I had a handful of chips and a big ass, tasty as all get out, cupcake with ice cream. Oh, and two more beers during the day and about four cans of diet soda…addicted…

I felt OK last night (except for the expected sudden trip to the bathroom after the ice cream…). But then CrossFit came calling this morning.

Everyone who works out regularly knows their limits. There is a certain amount of work you know you can do before you get winded, exhausted, tired, spent, whatever. Today we started off with about a 500m run and some stretching, but then we did five deadlift shrugs (think a clean without getting under the bar) every minute on the minute for 11 minutes. Normally that would take something out of me, but not enough where I think I am done for the day. After this EMOM I was dead tired. I felt like I could have stopped my workout there and been good.

All that crap from yesterday was making itself felt the morning after.

The WOD was 15 double-unders, 10 squat cleans and five wall walks, three rounds and it took me 12:06. When I read the WOD I was thinking closer to eight minutes, not 12.

One cheat meal on Friday or Saturday night, I have found, does not impact my performance at CrossFit that much, but when I have a full day of crap like I had yesterday it takes at least a day, if not two, to get back to normal. It is amazing how much your choices at the table can impact your performance in other areas.

Here comes at least five days of perfect eating. Gotta recover from the gluten/sugar binge I went on this weekend.

One comment on “Horrible workout, the cost of poor food choices

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