Box Review: CrossFit Archaic

1002267_10200868626451736_1908593057_nWhat else are you supposed to do in Rapid City at 5:30am? I went to CrossFit, of course.

I gave CrossFit Archaic a call when we arrived in Rapid City and they were happy to have me the next morning. Their first class is at 5:30am and they don’t have a second class until 9:00am. I figure, like most coaches, they would rather not stay late and I had to keep on my Smolov Jr. program in an attempt to increase my back squat, so I asked if there was a chance anyone gets there before 5:30am and they said they would accommodate. Score one for the good guys and a bonus point for the gracious CrossFit community.

I arrived at Archaic at about 4:50am and after a bit I started to warm up in the parking lot. I wanted to be sure I was ready to rock the squats when the coach got there because I wanted to participate in the daily WOD, too. Continue reading

Eating Paleo on the road is a futile effort

Are making waffles out of this thing better or worse than eating the “eggs” at a hotel breakfast bar? Seriously? I have no idea.

I am in the middle of a road trip that the family and I are taking. We are sort of doing a circle with Iowa being the main destination for a wedding. Since we are not adverse to road trips we extended the trip a few days before the wedding and a few days after. We already visited Mount Rushmore (stayed in Rapid City), Sioux Falls, Minneapolis (for a Twins game) and now we are in Iowa for the wedding. After the wedding on Saturday we head to Chicago for just enough time to watch a Cubs game, staying in a hotel on Sunday in southern Illinois followed by a day in Kansas City and then a day or two in Hays, Kansas with my mother-in-law.

This trip through the mid-west, on the open highway, has proven nearly impossible for us to continue to eat Paleo. We could have planned better and packed about four coolers with food, but went the more realistic route and packed some snacks. We were armed with pepperoni and beef sticks which are both nitrate and sugar free, some beef jerky which is nearly 100% Whole 30 (I know…if it isn’t Whole 30 it isn’t Whole 30), some grapes, bananas, apples, almonds and raisins. The benefit of these snacks thus far is that we are not buying anything at a gas station.

So snacking has been great for us. Outside of snacks… Continue reading

Walking 54 holes of golf

Sunrise before the start of round 1

Sunrise before the start of round 1

I have a “40 before 40” list. This is a list of 40 things I want to do before I turn 40. I got the idea from my sister who did a 30 before 30 list and I am still working on mine because I only have 27 items listed.

My list ranges from things like seeing a game in Fenway and going to Cooperstown to having a father/daughter date with my baby girl (will be one of the last things I do before 40 so she is a bit older) to silly stuff like I want to brew my own beer. One of the items on my list was that I wanted to play 54 holes of golf in one day and walk all 54 holes.

I have played 36 holes many times. I have played 36 holes and walked all 36 plenty of times. I have played 90 holes of golf in a four day stretch. I have never played three full rounds of golf in one day.

Why did I do this? Well, I love golf, first of all so why not play golf from sun up to sun down? I am more fit now than I used to be, so I challenged myself by walking all 54 holes (and carrying my clubs – no push cart here).

I knew I had to do a few things: I had to do this during one of the longest days of the year and I probably had to do all three rounds at the same course – preferably a course that is easy to walk. Continue reading

Box Review: CrossFit Parker (and the Parker Duels)

Oh, there is a KB there...I hadn't noticed...

Oh, there is a KB there…I hadn’t noticed…

This review has probably been a long time coming since I did 12 Days of Christmas there before the end of the year. I never reviewed it because, well, I am not sure. Maybe because it wasn’t a typical class? It was a typical class structure with a group warmup, instruction/demo, WOD and cool down, but 12 Days of Christmas is never a normal WOD.

This weekend I competed in my first CrossFit competition at CrossFit Parker in their Duels competition. It was a two man/woman team event. Two teams “dueled” in each WOD with the winner advancing in a NCAA bracket style format. It was a lot of fun and I am definitely competing again.

First let me talk about the box itself and then I will talk more about the competition.

The first thing you notice about CrossFit Parker is their logo with a pinup style girl posing. Pretty unique as far as I can tell among CrossFit boxes. Usually boxes incorporate a kettle bell, barbell or Olympic lifting into their logo, not Parker, they go sexy lady logo.

The next thing you notice is the space: it is pretty big. The box is one of the bigger boxes I have visited with only Bold City CrossFit in Florida being bigger. Lots of great equipment and some really good pullup/monkey bar structures that look like they could be a lot of fun. There is a enclosed kids play area, four restrooms and even a sitting area that the athletes can use. It is sort of difficult to find, but isn’t everything in life that is worth finding/getting a little more difficult to find/get? Parker is no different: it is worth the effort to find. Continue reading

Blood test after 9 months of Paleo

It was last October, around October 15th I think, that I went Paleo for the first time. I had just finished reading It Starts with Food and decided a Whole 30 was a fantastic idea.

I haven’t looked back.

Before my first Whole 30 I frequented Subway for their low fat sandwiches and ate plenty of turkey bacon, veggie burgers and soy milk. I ate cereal and bread daily and if I went to Chipotle or any Mexican style restaurant you could bet your pants I wanted beans – hey, that’s “free food” since it is all fiber! Since then I haven’t had much cheese, bread or beans. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had cheese of any sort. I deny bread all the time and even can skip the free bread that is brought before dinner at many restaurants. I eat real bacon, real food and am not afraid of fats. I am afraid of grains and overly processed food that is full of junk, hormones, GMOs or other non-food substances.

After about nine months of eating Paleo I wondered what my blood looked like.

Prior to going Paleo I weighed about 210 pounds and watched what I ate, portion sizes and worried about calories. Since then I now weigh 205 and don’t look at labels except to make sure I am eating real food. Forget calorie counting! Who needs to count calories when you eat real food? Losing weight wasn’t my goal when I went Paleo, it was to live healthier and feel better. I generally sleep better, my skin is clearer (I used to get red dry skin on my forehead in the winter and that never happened this winter) and I feel much better when I exercise. I continue to improve my fitness, too, despite very little “carbs” as known by many Americans (pasta, rice, bread, etc). My 5k times are improving and my times in CrossFit are always improving. Continue reading