Box Review: CrossFit Archaic

1002267_10200868626451736_1908593057_nWhat else are you supposed to do in Rapid City at 5:30am? I went to CrossFit, of course.

I gave CrossFit Archaic a call when we arrived in Rapid City and they were happy to have me the next morning. Their first class is at 5:30am and they don’t have a second class until 9:00am. I figure, like most coaches, they would rather not stay late and I had to keep on my Smolov Jr. program in an attempt to increase my back squat, so I asked if there was a chance anyone gets there before 5:30am and they said they would accommodate. Score one for the good guys and a bonus point for the gracious CrossFit community.

I arrived at Archaic at about 4:50am and after a bit I started to warm up in the parking lot. I wanted to be sure I was ready to rock the squats when the coach got there because I wanted to participate in the daily WOD, too.

400732_10200868625851721_1506169014_nAt about 5:10 or so Richelle, the owner, rolled up with a smile on her face and was happy that someone actually beat her to the gym for once. I know what that’s like, as a coach you always get there first in the morning. Well, at CrossFit LoDo it wasn’t uncommon to get there before the coaches for the zero dark thirty class.

She let me in and the entrance has the feel of a dentist office more than a CrossFit box. There is a couch, desk, computer, tile floor and if I remember correctly: carpet? I think I might not be remembering correctly, but it felt like a waiting room at a dentist office. But then the CrossFit humor kicks in as there is a sign with various arrows pointing to the bathrooms, massage room and the gym – I take a hard left to the gym.

Archaic is in a structure that resembles a large tin barn and the gym area is huge. So big that they sublet about a third of the gym floor space to an MMA or Jiu-Jitsu gym and they have a full mat inside.

I’m not sure how long Archaic has been open, I don’t think it has been too long, but they are well stocked for CrossFit. Lots of plates, including fractional plates down to 1.25lbs, rowers, parralettes and lots of other fun toys including the smallest kettle bell I have ever seen that wasn’t a toy. When I spotted it Richelle could tell what I was looking at and she explained that they have some seniors that are members that need the lighter weight – that’s awesome! If Archaic has only been open for a short while (a year or less) they are not stocked like a new box and the equipment they have is Rogue and high quality. It’s nice.

1003832_10200868625571714_1704822188_nI got my squats in and finished just as the 5:30 class was part way into their warmup, so I jumped in. We did a few new moves that I have never done before like toes to bar on the ground and skin the squirrels, both moves I will be using in my warmups in the future. The WOD was a four person team WOD and we had just enough. It was a WOD where each person is at a station and we could not rotate until each person was done with their station. The reps and movements, if I remember correctly, was 20 burpees to a seven inch “box” (we stacked two 45’s), 20 overhead lunges with a 25# plate, 20 KB swings and 40 or 60 double-unders. There was an older lady working out with us so I had a bit more time and upped the KB swing from a 1.5 pood KB to a 2 pood and bumped the OH lunges to a 45# plate. It was a good workout and the first where I could feel the humidity.

The group in the morning was great and Richelle was awesome. She was very supportive during the workout and I think she is weightlifting certified so I wish we had some cleans or snatches that morning so she could have given me some pointers.

I wanted to buy a t-shirt in return for Archaic being so nice and accommodating but they didn’t have much of a selection (not uncommon) and she wouldn’t even take any money from me.

Archaic is a great box and even after just one early morning visit I highly recommend them to anyone in the area, or if you are driving through Rapid City.

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