Rest day bike ride

For the longest time I have wanted to ride my bike from Cherry Creek Reservoir to REI downtown. While I believe I have been physically capable of doing so for a few years I haven’t done it because I lived in Parker until the last two years (nearly) and now I live in south Aurora. Both houses were quite a way from Cherry Creek and I didn’t have a bike carrier to transport my bike or a car big enough to transport it. I finally got a carrier!

Today I drove to the new park near Cherry Creek High School and picked up the Cherry Creek Trail (after quite the detour) and made it to REI (Illegal Pete’s for brunch) and back. What a nice ride and will definitely do it again.

It was just over 16 miles down to REI (I didn’t know the Cherry Creek Trail went east along the dam before turning towards Kennedy Golf Course and heading north to downtown…soooo…I took a nice detour through Greenwood Village, past Hampden and I-25 before catching Monaco to the Cherry Creek Trail) and about 14 miles back to the car. I will be visiting this trail head again in the near future because the mountain bike course they have there is awesome. I picked it up when I got near my car and rode the mountain bike trail for a bit before getting back to the parking lot.

Here are a few pictures I took today. I wish I could have taken a picture of the lady in her motorized chair “walking” her dog with large soda in hand…

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