I used to eat this

When I was on Weight Watchers and when I used to count calories I used to devour “treats” like this. Skinny Cow deserts were the cat’s meow. I could eat one of these and only use a few points on the WW plan. They were tasty, low in calories, low in fat and the old me thought that was the perfect combination.

Now I know better.

I don’t eat dairy anymore and when I do it is usually in the form of frozen yogurt (although 9 times out of 10 when I get froyo I opt for the sorbet) and I rarely eat desert. Now days when I eat desert it is likely to be apple sauce with bananas and cinnamon.

I eat fat and lots of it. I eat fully fattened bacon and save the grease for use in cooking later. It’s is grains and processed sugars I avoid. It is fake food that I avoid. And this Skinny Cow might be the very definition of fake food.

Those ingredients are skim milk followed by sugar and that sort of defeats the purpose of the skim milk, doesn’t it? Then the third ingredient used to make these is corn syrup and again I am wondering how these are “healthy”. The packaging doesn’t state that they are healthy, but I bet there are millions of people eating them thinking that they are healthy or at the very least better than full fat ice cream.

Then the real question marks hit after water: polydextros, alkali and “stabilizer” made of a bunch of stuff I can’t read or pronounce. This is hardly food. It is skim milk, sugar and a bunch of fake overly processed “foods” and chemicals. Alkali sounds like something in an Energizer battery!

I’ll stick to apple sauce, thank you.


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