Plyo pushup fail

Today’s WOD included plyo pushups. Here is a video of what that is.

The WOD also had hang power cleans and many used 45# plates on their bars and for the plyo pushups. I am fairly good at pushups so I opted for 12 inch boxes for my plyo pushups. Well, in the round 8 or 9 I missed the box and have the equivalent of a box jump shin scrape, but on my forearm.

Thankfully it doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as when you nail your shin on the box.

BRy02VCCIAEnYD4.jpg large

And if you want to chalk this up to “CrossFit = speed = mistakes = injuries”, yesterday morning I cut myself pretty good cutting peppers for my breakfast. You’re gonna get hurt, might as well have fun with it.


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