A couple of good links

Robb Wolfe is on his game today with a couple of good links posted on Facebook. If you don’t follow him on Facebook, you should! And if you still don’t want to, here they are:

Is Eating Paleo too Expensive?

First of, the author is pretty darn funny and that alone makes for a good read. Second the picture have some pretty good quotes, like, “If you are worth a million bucks why are you ordering off of the dollar menu?”. Third, she is dead on.

I am fortunate enough to make a decent living where I can afford to purchase an entire grass fed/grass finished, free range cow to stock my freezer, but many are not. There are options to eating Paleo. Sure cage free, no GMO eggs are by far ideal, but if you need to save a few bucks buy the cheaper eggs and buy a lot of them. That is still a much better option than Wendy’s.

It’s your health, prioritize it.

The second article is about kipping and why/when it should be coached.

This is something we DEFINITELY need to work on at my gym. All too often we throw a beginner into a more complicated movement, like kipping, just so they can get “progress faster” and get their first pullup. But in the end is that a bad thing? Are we doing our athletes more harm than good? Just like I wouldn’t expect anyone to get a muscle-up without being able to do a chest to bar pullup or don’t ask anyone to do a push jerk without showing me they can do a push press successfully, the same should happen for the pullup.

It’s something to chew on, for sure.

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