Ack! Look what someone eats at work

I work at a place where the vast majority, has to be 90% or more, are “IT Folks”. The place I work does all of their business online. This makes for a great casual environment where jeans are allowed everyday and if you are lucky enough, heck, you can wear shorts, sandals and a hat to work if you like. Myself, as a manager, that’s not for me.

Of course, working for an IT company you get a lot of “IT Folks”…people who love to sit in front of a computer all the time eating pretzels and drinking Pepsi (or some version or combination resembling that). This isn’t to say everyone here is out of shape. There are some plenty fit folks who use the trails and 24 Hour Fitness near here. There is one guy who is doing strongman stuff and working towards a 400 pound bench, another is a vegetarian who runs a lot and another is a Yoga nut. While none of those are for me it is nice to see people being active and doing something to benefit their health. No matter how much I disagree with a lot of lengthy runs. But there are also quite a few guys/gals who could easily stand to lose a few hundred pounds. Some of them have trouble walking, breathe real heavy and I got to believe are miserable.

Today I open up the freezer at work and see this:


I looked at each box and that is over 3,000 calories in four boxes. I was actually really surprised that two of the boxes was only 600 calories each. The one on the far left is nearly 1,000 calories.

Check out the ingredients in these things….it certainly isn’t food….


And that is one of the 600 calorie boxes.

So gross…

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