What makes CrossFit so great

There are many reasons that I love CrossFit. The first being that it has given me my life – it has given me the health that allows me to chase after my four year old boy and not get tired after two minutes. It allows me to play on the playground with him. It allows me to chase him up and down the street on his bicycle. It will allow me to keep up with him on the baseball field, basketball court, in gymnastics or whatever he might choose to do with his life. If he chooses to play a musical instrument (doubtful knowing the complete void of musical ability in my family) it will allow me to stand taller and cheer louder than the other parents when he does whatever it is you do to get a cheer when playing the tuba.

But what about the Games? What about the elite athletes? What makes the SPORT of CrossFit so great? The fact that you know exactly what those athletes are going through when they compete. Sure you know what it’s like to hit a baseball, but do you know what it takes to hit a baseball traveling 100mph? Probably not. Do you know what it’s like to hit a free throw in front of 35,000 screaming fans? Probably not. Do you know what it feels like to hit a putt with over a million dollars on the line? Doubtful. But you know what it’s like to do Fran.

I admit; as the Games get bigger the gap between what it is like to do CrossFit and compete at the Games level is widening the difference between what goes on in the vast majority of CrossFit boxes around the globe and what occurs in Carson, California. But then you watch a video like this:

Voboril and Akinwale and other athletes that balance their work lives with their competitive CrossFit lives is just so awesome. They have a chance to make a LOT of money doing CrossFit, but they know that when it is broken down that CrossFit is just being really good at exercising. Voboril loves to teach kids and knows how much bigger impact on the world she can make if she can be a good teacher. CrossFit takes a backseat, yet she still can compete at the highest level.

So great.


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