Not much longer until Globo Gyms start offering CrossFit-like classes

Or, hell, maybe they already do in some parts of the country. Today I went to 24 Hour for the first time in a long time. And it felt dirty and fake. I went because I was out late last night and slept in. I spent my lunch at work doing some squats and secondContinue reading “Not much longer until Globo Gyms start offering CrossFit-like classes”

CrossFit is the devil and can kill you!! Waaaaaaambulance

It sure feels like CrossFit has come under attack more so than usual this week, doesn’t it? First we had this post on that kind of, sort of, said that by doing CrossFit you could die. It doesn’t say definitively that CrossFit will give you Rhabdo, but it hints pretty hard. That post spawnedContinue reading “CrossFit is the devil and can kill you!! Waaaaaaambulance”

Battle at the Rock review

I competed in the “Battle at the Rock” this past weekend at CrossFit Castle Rock. This was my first solo competition and only my second competition (my first can be read about here). *Or is the proper name “The Gym, CrossFit Castle Rock”? Can anyone answer? If they can, I assume it is owned byContinue reading “Battle at the Rock review”

Colorado Open pictures and videos

The Colorado Open was awesome. Here is a link to the final scoring and I assume Front Range will post pictures in the near future. They had someone taking pictures and another taking video. It was a well run event and every heat started on time, if not just a bit early. Even with theContinue reading “Colorado Open pictures and videos”

Why Chipotle rocks

In a world full of restaurants that stuffs its customers with fake “food”, “food” full of crap that isn’t food, we have Chipotle. I’m talking about nice sit down restaurants, steakhouses that serve you beef full of GMOs because “grain fed beef is tastier” or a great Italian place that serves you pasta full ofContinue reading “Why Chipotle rocks”