Not much longer until Globo Gyms start offering CrossFit-like classes

Or, hell, maybe they already do in some parts of the country.

Today I went to 24 Hour for the first time in a long time. And it felt dirty and fake. I went because I was out late last night and slept in. I spent my lunch at work doing some squats and second pull/shrugs (the bars are horrible there! No rotation!).

When I first got there I saw the usual people doing three sets of 10 reps, strange “ab” exercises and other random movements at a really slow pace with absolutely no range of motion. Then the CrossFit effect started to appear.

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CrossFit is the devil and can kill you!! Waaaaaaambulance

I don't see the word "CrossFit" in the definition. It isn't unique to CrossFit.

I don’t see the word “CrossFit” in the definition. It isn’t unique to CrossFit.

It sure feels like CrossFit has come under attack more so than usual this week, doesn’t it?

First we had this post on that kind of, sort of, said that by doing CrossFit you could die. It doesn’t say definitively that CrossFit will give you Rhabdo, but it hints pretty hard.

That post spawned this on Good Morning America. They interview the professor who wrote the article above…and not to get too immature but it looks like that PT professor it just afraid of any sort of physical activity. Which is strange considering he is a PT prof. They always say it is hard to trust a fat doctor, right? Which takes me off topic a bit in that my old doctor was like 300 pounds or heavier; a really big guy. One time I asked him about losing some more weight or maybe I said I wanted to lose more weight and he told me that I probably couldn’t because of my muscle. How can I listen to a doctor who needs to loose at LEAST 100 pounds when it comes to losing weight?

Anyway, the good news from the Good Morning America piece was that the doctor on set did say that it can happen to anyone who partakes in physical activity, not just CrossFitters. Continue reading

Battle at the Rock review

I competed in the “Battle at the Rock” this past weekend at CrossFit Castle Rock. This was my first solo competition and only my second competition (my first can be read about here).

*Or is the proper name “The Gym, CrossFit Castle Rock”? Can anyone answer? If they can, I assume it is owned by the same company that owns “The Gym, CrossFit Kilo” in Cedar Falls, Iowa? Are there more of these? Did they start out as gyms and then add CrossFit? Finally, are they sponsored by Advocare? The only two CrossFit boxes I have ever seen Advocare so prominently displayed were at Kilo and Castle Rock. So many questions, so little time, someone help!

Leading up to the day of the event I had only one complaint: how late the heat times were announced. I completely and totally understand not releasing the WODs until the night before or maybe two nights before (the WODs for this competition were released on Thursday night), but why they waited on releasing the heat times until late on Friday afternoon/evening was a little confusing. I had people who wanted to come watch me and they were also making their own plans for a Saturday morning or afternoon. They had to wait until after 6pm on Friday to find out when I would be competing and that seems late. Give everyone, even the athletes, a little time to prepare the basic logistics of when they will arrive at the venue, when they need to warmup, etc, a few days ahead of time. Continue reading

Colorado Open pictures and videos

The Colorado Open was awesome. Here is a link to the final scoring and I assume Front Range will post pictures in the near future. They had someone taking pictures and another taking video. It was a well run event and every heat started on time, if not just a bit early. Even with the poor weather the event was great, the athletes were great (even the ones I had to no-rep) and the fans were great. Lots of fun.

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Why Chipotle rocks

In a world full of restaurants that stuffs its customers with fake “food”, “food” full of crap that isn’t food, we have Chipotle. I’m talking about nice sit down restaurants, steakhouses that serve you beef full of GMOs because “grain fed beef is tastier” or a great Italian place that serves you pasta full of processed corn oils and veggies that are full of GMOs to either protect them from bugs or to make them grow super big. Not to mention the fast food places where it is highly unlikely anything you eat is actual food. I would really like to see where the “chicken” comes from at a place like McDonalds or Burger King.

Chipotle is, to me, sort of like the Hartwig’s or the Paleo movement of fast food. Really pushing and striving for natural food; food without GMO’s, free range cattle and pigs that are raised in an environment that is friendly for the pigs.

From Chipotle comes this commercial and it is brilliant:

How beautiful is that?

But I also must mention this. On that page Chipotle does list all the ingredients that they serve that has GMO’s. Depressing. They are trying. But thanks to that page I now get barbacoa or carnitas on my salad rather than the chicken.

Lettuce, carnitas, two scoops of mild, hot and guacamole. No GMO’s…..but…..I also get fajita vegetables which do have GMOs because they are cooked in soybean oil. The good news is this blurb:

At restaurants in the New York Metropolitan area (including New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Northern New Jersey, and Southwestern Connecticut) we sauté Fajita Vegetables with Rice Bran Oil, while in other restaurants we use Soybean Oil. We are currently in the process of transitioning the rest of our restaurants to cooking with Rice Bran Oil.

Yes, please get rid of soybean oil.

It is a work in progress for Chipotle and that’s all I can ask for. They are trying to bring us clean food and I appreciate that.