How do you know you CrossFit too much? Top 10

How do you know you CrossFit too much, the original, linked here.

Here is a list of things I have noticed myself doing recently that just might indicate I CrossFit too much…and possibly am enamored with Starrett…

  1. When I sit down on the potty I make sure my knees go out and that my feet are pointed straight.
  2. When I get up I make sure to get up with my weight on my heels.
  3. I just picked up a piece of ice off of the floor and made sure my knees tracked out, back and head stayed neutral and that I could feel the tension in my hamstrings.
  4. When you pick up anything smaller in size with noticeable weight and a handle you think “KB Swings!”.
  5. Now that I can climb a rope I feel like I am showing off at the playground with my kids when I can climb the fireman pole without using my feet. When I get to the top I look around to see if other adults are impressed. They are not.
  6. Back to the playground – everything and anything can double as a pullup bar.
  7. I found myself sitting on the floor the other night and decided to put my feet out straight in front of me and see how long I could sit before leaning back on my arms.
  8. I have come awfully close to doing couch stretches on my office chair while at work. I haven’t yet simply because I don’t want someone to ask me what I am doing. This, of course, would send me into a 10 minute diatribe about hip movement and how sitting in a chair kills my squatting ability. I would lose any credibility I might have gained with my new co-workers.
  9. When I rest my arms on my desk in front of me I am seriously, no joke, really serious about making sure I have good shoulder position. I have decided that not only is my posture horrible as I sit all day but that crossing my arms on my desk puts my shoulder into a bad forward position causing pain. Try it. Try sitting with your arms straight on your desk, not crossed.
  10. I want to handstand walk down one of the aisles at work. Even thought I cannot handstand walk I still feel like I should.

And of course this list does not include the countless dreams I have about CrossFit on what seems to be a nightly basis.


2 comments on “How do you know you CrossFit too much? Top 10

  1. Steve says:

    I don’t know how many times I’ve thought about doing couch stretch at work. Apparently others will think I’m weird.

    • traviseses says:

      I was literally just sitting here, at work, thinking how stiff my triceps feel and thought I should carry a LAX ball with me everywhere. I wonder what my co-workers would think if I got on the floor and started rolling out my triceps…

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